Deleting things in AppsFlyer

At a glance: Learn how advertisers can remove apps to stop attribution, remove media sources, or delete user-related data.


Delete user history

Some privacy regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, give users a right to erasure.

Scenario: A user requests that you delete data related to them. GDPR requires that this be done within 30 days. 

Action required: Use OpenDSR API to send an erasure request.

Stop attributing installs to a media source

AppsFlyer collects install and event information for your configured media sources. If a media source is configured for attribution, new installs are attributed.

Scenario: If you stop running campaigns on a media source with no clicks, impressions, or installs, then attribution stops. However, the in-app events of existing users continue to be recorded and attributed.

Action required to stop attributing installs to a media source:

Delete an app

Deleting an app makes it invisible in the dashboard and stops the platform from recording app-related data. 

To delete an app:

  1. From the top bar, click My Apps.
  2. Select an app action menu. 
  3. Click Deletethen confirm.
    The app is deleted and no longer displays in the app list.


After deletion of the app:

  • It remains associated with the account but is invisible.
  • It can be re-added, making it visible with its associated historical data, including elements like app settings, approved agencies, and tokens.

To purge (permanently delete) an app from your account:

  • Reach out to your CSM or send an email to, and a customer engagement manager (CEM) will contact you.

Transfer apps between accounts

See this guide for details: Transferring apps between accounts.

Delete your account or downgrade your subscription plan

Reach out to your CSM or send an email to