Deleting things in AppsFlyer


Not all relationships turn out well.

As a marketer, you may stop working with certain media sources or stop attribution for your old apps.

The sections below explain what and how deletions can be performed in AppsFlyer.

How to delete user history?

Some privacy regulations, for example, GDPR or CCPA,  provide users the Right to Erasure. This means you are obliged to delete the collected data of a user requesting this within 30 days.

To delete user data, send a GDPR Erasure request to AppsFlyer using the OpenGDPR API.

How to stop attributing installs to a media source?

AppsFlyer collects all installs and events information for your configured media sources.

As long as a media source is configured for attribution on AppsFlyer, its new installs get attributed.

This means that if a media source completely stops running your campaigns (no more clicks, impressions and installs coming from it), attribution stops for it. Yet, in-app events of existing users continue to be recorded.

To stop attributing installs to a media source in AppsFlyer:

  • SRN - Remove your Client Partner ID from the integrated partner's setup.
  • Non-SRN - Make sure that no ads with AppsFlyer attribution links are displayed to leads. Even if you remove your Client Partner ID from the partner's setup, any incoming clicks and installs are still attributed to it.

How to delete an app?

Advertisers can self-delete their apps so they are not visible anymore in their accounts:

  1. Go to your account's apps list
  2. Hover over the app's options menu
  3. Click on the Delete button, and confirm


By doing this, the deleted apps are still associated with the advertiser account. Later on they may be re-added back into the account with all their historical data. This also includes app settings, approved agencies, tokens etc.

To permanently delete an app from your account, contact your dedicated CSM or the Customer Engagement Team at

Deleting an app doesn't delete your app's history.

If you wish to transfer an app between accounts, read here.

How to delete an account?

If you wish to stop working with AppsFlyer and delete your account, please contact your dedicated CSM or the Customer Engagement Team at

Note that deleting your account's apps does not stop attribution of installs coming to them from attribution links.

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