Email service providers (ESPs) explained

At a glance: Use AppsFlyer OneLink together with your email service prodiver (ESP) to run large scale email campaigns and to eliminate broken links issues.

Why use ESPs?

Email service providers enable running large scale email campaigns so you can:

  • Acquire new users
    Your company generates leads through various channels. You can target those leads in email campaigns and convert them to mobile app users.
  • Convert existing users
    Send emails to all your desktop users and convert them to mobile app users.
  • Increasing user engagement
    On holidays and special occasions, you can send out promotions to your existing users to promote sales. You can use deep linking for better user experience that increases the chance that users will end up making a purchase. 

Supported email service providers

ESP email campaigns for mobile app users can cause attribution and deep linking issues.

To overcome those issues and work with the ESPs, you need to follow their exact integration steps.

Use the links below to go to the article of the ESP you wish to use for email campaigns.

Email service provider Logo
Amazon SES amazon-ses-logo.png
Blueshift blueshift-ESP-logo.png
Braze braze.png
Iterable iterable-logo.png
Mailchimp mailchimp.png
Netcore Netcore.png
Oracle Responsys Oracle-Responsys.png
Sailthru sailthru.png
Salesforce salesforce.png
SendGrid sendgrid.png
SparkPost sparkpost-logo_en-us.png



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