Restricted media source

At a glance: If the media source field in raw data reports is populated with restricted this is pursuant to the AppsFlyer Aggregated Advanced Privacy framework or due to data-sharing policies of an integrated partner.

Restricted media source

The media source fields in some cases aren't available to advertisers in the context of user-level (raw data reports). This is done to support the requirements of Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP) framework or the data sharing policies of some integrated partners. 

The lack of user-level attribution data does not affect aggregated and analytics data available via the platform. 

How does the restricted media source impact raw data reports:

  • The media source field is populated with restricted
  • The attribution fields, listed in this article, are either empty or populated with null
  • Example: Installs restricted raw data in a CSV file. Other raw data reports are populated in a similar manner. 

What is the impact on postbacks to partners when the media source is restricted:

Postbacks sent to partners don't include user identifiers. Partners use the postbacks to calculate campaign performance at the aggregate level. 

What about the data of assists that form part of the attribution:

Data related to assists is regarded as attribution data and isn't available. 

Attribution field list

Fields not available when the media source is restricted
Display name API name
Ad af_ad
Ad ID af_ad_id
Ad type af_ad_type
Adset af_adset
Adset ID af_adset_id
Attribution lookback window af_attribution_lookback
Campaign ID af_c_id
Channel af_channel
Cost currency af_cost_currency
Cost model af_cost_model
Cost value af_cost_value
Keywords af_keywords
Partner af_prt
Site ID af_siteid
Sub site ID af_sub_siteid
Sub param [n] (n=1-5) af_sub[n] (n=1-5)
Attributed touch time attributed_touch_time
Attributed touch type attributed_touch_type
Campaign campaign
Campaign campaign
Contributor [n] media source (n=1-3) contributor[n]_af_prt
Contributor [n] partner (n=1-3) contributor[n]_campaign
Contributor [n] campaign (n=1-3) contributor[n]_match_type (n=1-3)
Contributor [n] match type (n=1-3) contributor[n]_media_source (n=1-3)
Contributor [n] touch time (n=1-3) contributor[n]_touch_time
Contributor [n] touch type (n=1-3) contributor[n]_touch_type
Deeplink URL deeplink_url
HTTP referrer http_referrer
Install app store install_app_store
Keyword ID keyword_id
Keyword match type keyword_match_type
Match type match_type
Network account ID network_account_id
Original URL original_url
Re-engagement window af_reengagement_window
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