Bulletin: Protect360 post-attribution report update

What's new

Protect360 post-attribution reports display the valid contributor (media source) for hijacked installs and in-app events. Meaning, the contributor that should have originally received attribution. 
Effective Date November 23, 2020

Protect360 post-attribution raw data reports via:

  • Export data (download) raw data reports
  • Pull API raw data reports
  • Until now, post-attribution reports did not display the valid contributor media source. The contributor[1-3] and organic fields displayed contributing media sources, but do not let you know which of them warranted attribution. 
  • Starting from November 23, 2020, the rejected_reason_value field value displays either contributor[1-3] or organic.
    • In Data Locker, this is the validation_reason_value.
  • Advertisers can check the contributor[1-3] fields to see what the attributed media source should be and use this information for reconciliation.
    • If the contributor fields are not displayed in your report, they are available to be added from the Export data page.