Vidaa integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Integrate your Vidaa Connected TV (CTV) app with AppsFlyer to receive attribution and event data for your campaigns on Vidaa.

About Vidaa CTV attribution

The Vidaa OS for streaming runs across all Vidaa TVs.

CTV apps streaming on Vidaa can integrate with AppsFlyer via API to receive attribution data and performance measurements about which sources (organic) and campaigns drive app open and in-app events. Marketers rely on these insights to measure and optimize marketing activities.

The Vidaa API integration supports:

  • Vidaa Smart TVs. 
  • CTV-to-CTV attribution and event recording. Meaning, attribution and recording on a user's Vidaa device.

Integration procedures

The following table lists the tasks required to integrate your Vidaa CTV app with AppsFlyer. To record your progress, download this spreadsheet.

Task Actions Who's involved

App setup


API integration with your app (via S2S)

Integrate the AppsFlyer CTV API into your CTV app with commands to report the following events to AppsFlyer.

  • First opens
  • In-app events
  • Sessions


  • Installs must be reported before in-app events and sessions.
  • Send events using the API. Tell your developer which events to send. Verify that when you set up the API, you set up and map the events to send to AppsFlyer. 
  • For thedevice_ids parameter, select the type custom.

To report owned media engagements, integrate the impression engagement API.

App developer

Link setup

Learn how to create direct attribution links

Report setup/view data Learn about data availability in dashboards and reports Marketer/Data engineer 

Traits and limitations

Trait Remarks
Non-organic sources

Coming soon


Not currently supported

Cost data

Cost data must be sent via Ad Spend Ingestion using the upload file by email method.