Agency Configuration for Google AdWords Integration - New API

Advertisers can allow agencies to run campaigns on their behalf using the New Google AdWords integration.

Both advertisers and agencies must actively configure the system, as described below.  

Prerequisite Advertiser Actions

The following describes the prerequisites for advertiser actions.

Granting Agency Permission to the App

The advertiser must grant the agency access to the app by following the instructions detailed here.

Sharing your Google AdWords Link ID

For an advertiser to work with an agency, the advertiser must share his link ID with the agency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link ID is generated from the Google AdWords account owned by the advertiser only. 

The reason for this is because the new Google AdWords API the link ID must be shared among all the Google AdWords accounts that promotes the app.  Therefore, the control of the link ID should be in the hands of the advertiser and not an agency.

Not following the above guidelines might cause serious issues. 

To share your link ID in Google AdWords with an agency follow the below steps:

NOTE: The below steps are not required if the advertiser works from an MCC account and generated a link ID from the MCC account and has given the agency a sub-account to promote the app (in such cases the link ID is shared automatically with the sub-account).

  1. Sign into your AdWords account.
  2. Click the 3-dot menu  in the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Select Linked accounts.
  4. Under the section labeled “Third-party app analytics” click Details.
  5. Click Options under the Actions column for the link you want to share, and select Grant access.
  6. Enter the customer ID of the account you want to share your link with, and click Next.
  7. Click Send invite.
  8. The receiving agency should follow the above steps 1-4 and then accept the shared link by clicking Accept link under the “Actions” column for shared link in your table.

Agency Actions on AppsFlyer

The agency logs into the AppsFlyer dashboard and selects the specific app they want to promote on Google AdWords.

1.  Click Integrated Partners from the left sidebar.


2. Enter Google AdWords in the search field.
3. Click the logo of Google AdWords to open the configuration page.

 4. Enter all of the AdWords Customer IDs of the Google AdWords account that you are running campaigns for the advertiser's app.

*** Important! ***
Import the first-open and in-app actions to Google AdWords to begin accruing conversions in Google AdWords and in your AppsFlyer dashboard.


  • An agency can work with up to 10 different Google AdWords accounts running campaigns for the same app.
  • If an agency works with an MCC account and the app is promoted via several MCC sub-accounts all sub-accounts must be configured in AdWords customer id field (as seen on above screen shot). 
    In such a case there is no need to configure the customer id of the MCC account.

You can find the Google AdWords Customer ID by clicking on the arrow in the top left corner and thereby opening the Navigation Panel.

5. The Click Attribution Lookback Window default is set up to 30 days but the agency can change this.

6. The agency can retrieve cost data from Google AdWords by clicking the Connect button.

NOTE: The cost is shown both on the agency and advertiser dashboards at campaign level.

7. Click Save & Close

For iOS apps the Google AdWords configuration window contains a link generator and a tracking link section.
This is because Google iOS Search attribution is done via tracking links.

Search iOS campaigns are not part of this API. To track them you must switch back to the Adwords old UI and then follow the setup instructions here.

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