Agency Configuration for Google AdWords Integration - New API


Advertisers can allow agencies to run campaigns on their behalf using the New Google AdWords integration.

Both advertisers and agencies must actively configure the system. The video below describes what steps need to be taken by the advertiser and the agency in order for the agency to track mobile traffic it gets to the advertiser's app on AdWords.

Before the Agency begins using this guide, the Advertiser must first configure the Google AdWords integration.  For details, click here.

Setting-Up Google AdWords Tracking for Agencies

To start agency tracking of Google AdWords campaigns with AppsFlyer, follow these steps:

Video Text


  • The Click Attribution Lookback Window default is set up to 30 days but the agency can change this.
  • The agency can retrieve cost data from Google AdWords by clicking the Connect button.
  • The cost is shown both on the agency and advertiser dashboards at campaign level.
  • For iOS apps the Google AdWords configuration window contains a link generator and a tracking link section.  This is because Google iOS Search attribution is done via tracking links.
  • Search iOS campaigns are not part of the New AdWords UI. To track them you must switch back to the AdWords old UI and then follow the setup instructions here.

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