Bulletin: SKAN 4 support in AppsFlyer

Headline The AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork Solution now supports SKAN 4. This includes major changes to SKAN Conversion Studio, as well as SKAN dashboards and reports.
Effective Date
  • February 15, 2023: With native iOS SDK V6.10+
  • We recommend updating to the newest version V6.12+ even if you are using V6.10 since February
    • You can see the list of changes here
  • Coming soon: Support for other AppsFlyer SDKs and plugins


For SKAN 4 iOS data to be properly recorded, the following is needed:

  • AppsFlyer SDK version V6.12.1+
  • The ad network must generate an ad signature for SKAdNetwork V4.
  • For ads that display in an app, the app must be built with iOS 16.1 SDK or later.
  • For web ads, the ad needs Safari 16.1 or later.
  • The advertised app must be App Store-signed and be running on a device with iOS 16.1 or later.
Required actions

Note: Once you upgrade to SKAN 4:

  • The activity timer for pre-SKAN 4 installs is 48 hours.
  • You can't revert back to an earlier SKAN version.
Changes in SKAN Conversion Studio

New SKAN 4 measurement mode to configure the 3 SKAN windows  

Changes in dashboards
  • SKAN overview dashboard includes new fields (available in the table settings) for event counts and revenue during the 3 SKAN windows:
    • Event count D0-D2
    • Event count D0-D2 (modeled)
    • Event count D3-D7
    • Event count D8-D35
    • Revenue D0-D2 ($)
    • Revenue D0-D2 ($) (modeled)
    • Revenue D3-D7 ($)
    • Revenue D8-D35 ($)
  • SSOT dashboard view displays D2 data fields, instead of Activity Window (AW). For SKAN 3 data, this field shows all activity window data, even if the window is longer or shorter than 2 days.
Changes in reports
  • SKAdNetwork reports include the following new fields to support SKAN 4:
    • skad_postback_sequence_index: Value is an integer that represents the SKAN window, either0,1, or2. For SKAN 3 the value is0.
    • skad_coarse_conversion_value: Value can below,medium, orhigh. For SKAN 3 the value isnull.
    • skad_source_identifier: Value is a string up to 4 digits. For SKAN 3 the value isnull
    • skad_source_domain: Value is a string that represents the source of attributable web ads. For SKAN 3 the value isnull.
    • ad_network_creative: Value is a string based on data enrichment received from the ad network. For SKAN 3 the value is empty.
  • The following Data Locker and Push API reports are affected:

    • skad_installs (via Data Locker and Push API)

    • skad_redownloads (via Data Locker and Push API)
    • skad_inapps (via Data Locker and Push API)
    • skad_postbacks (via Data Locker)
    • skad_postbacks_copy (doesn't include the ad_network_creative field) (via Data Locker)
    • See sample report schemas
  • SKAN aggregated postback arrival date API and SKAN aggregated performance report API contain SKAN 4 fields. Note: You must use the path for V2 API token for SKAN 4.