Pull APIs - Pulling AppsFlyer Reports by APIs

All AppsFlyer CSV reports are available by APIs. Refer to your AppsFlyer account by going to the API Access Page for your secret key and examples. 

API Parameters

  • api_token is the user's external API Authorization Key: "{Account owner API Key should be used}"

"api_token", "from" and "to" parameters are required!

Optional - Filtering reports by media source and re-attribution

Filtering the reports to list only a specific media source is available by adding 2 parameters to the request:

For Raw Reports, the following parameters are also available:

  • from_date is a the report's start date in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd" or "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm". For example: 2010-01-01 or 2010-01-01%2000%3A15
  • to_date is the report's end date in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd" or "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm" . For example: 2010-01-01 or 2010-01-01%2000%3A30
  • event_name can be used to filter the raw in-app events report data to include only a specific event or events. For example: event_name=af_purchase,ftd

Custom Reports with Pull API

The Pull API (v5 and up) supports customizing reports with selectable fields. This enables customers to download only relevant information to suit their requirements. 

In order to specify the requested fields, append the following fields parameter to the API call.  Each column you request should be added to the fields parameter by specifying the API Name as it appears in the table below:


Pull the list of all cities and their respective country codes that brought installs -https://hq.appsflyer.com/export/id341333333/installs_report/v5?api_token=24b7b9fe-6ddd-4ddd-94c8-xxxxxxxxxxx&from=2017-03-09&to=2017-03-10&fields=country_code,city

The full list of fields and their API names can be found here

Time Zone and Currency

API Policy

Click here to see our API Policy

NOTE:  By default, the Pull API Performance Report shows Facebook data at Campaign level only.  Add "&category=facebook" to enable the report to present Facebook information at both the Ad Set and Ad level. This is relevant for Facebook only.

Raw Data Reports

Installations: https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/installs_report/v5?api_token={api token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date}

In-App Events: https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/in_app_events_report/v5?api_token={api token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date} 

Performance Reports

Partners Report: https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/partners_report/v5?api_token={api token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date}

Daily Report: https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/partners_report/v5?api_token={api_token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date}

Geo Report: https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/geo_report/v5?api_token={api_token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date}

Partners by Date Report: https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/partners_by_date_report/v5?api_token={api_token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date}

Geo by Date Report: https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/geo_by_date_report/v5?api_token={api_token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date} 

New API Version (V5)

  • Changes:

    • New version (v5) groups Facebook campaigns only by campaign and not by campaign & ad group.

    • Export data page for aggregated reports uses the new API version (v5)


    • The existing API (v4) is still available for use

    • The new version does not apply any change to the file format or headers

NOTE: To use V4 Performance Reports, change v5 to v4.

For example, the v5 (in red) should be changed to v4.



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