OneLink™ 2/4: Sending existing users to open your app

At a glance: Use this guide to create a custom link to retarget your existing app users and send them directly into the app. These users are attributed using retargeting attribution.

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Scope of work

Who's involved

Note: This guide indicates when and how the marketer needs to involve the developers.


  • For attribution: The AppsFlyer SDK already installed in each of your mobile apps.
  • For iOS Universal Links and Android App Links: A published mobile app. 
  • Completion of OneLink guide 1/4, meaning: 
    • Creation of OneLink template
    • Creation of custom attribution link

Time required

Approximately 1.5 hours, working together with your mobile developers.


During retargeting campaigns, existing app users who click your link are sent directly into the app. Non-users clicking the custom link are redirected to the correct app store per their device.

Clicks (and future in-app events) are correctly attributed using retargeting.


The grocery delivery app Feed Me (from the previous guide's example) has many users who have become inactive for more than 30 days. Mark the marketer would like to encourage these existing app users to return to the app.

Mark decides to reach these existing app users by posting to their Facebook community.

The post includes a link powered by OneLink, configured (with the help of Andrea the Android developer, and Yossi the iOS developer) to:

  • Directly open the app for existing users (who have the app installed). When the app opens, users will arrive at the home screen of Feed Me, not to specific content. (We cover deep linking to specific content in the next guide).
  • Send new users without the app installed to the appropriate app store or landing page, based on their device.


Complete the following procedures to set up a custom link that will send existing iOS or Android app users directly into the app. 


If you completed all three procedures in this article, then well done! You have created a link you can send to existing app users to direct them into your app, and receive retargeting attribution data.

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