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Deep linking is the act of launching a mobile app while serving personalized content and/or sending the users to specific activities within the app. By doing so you can provide your users with superior user experience, which can greatly enhance their engagement with your apps.

The 2 deep linking types

Since users may or may not have the mobile app installed, there are 2 types of deep linking:

Deep Linking
Directly serving personalized content to existing users, which already have the mobile app installed.
Deferred Deep Linking
Serving personalized content to new or former users, directly after the installation.

AppsFlyer supports both deep linking and deferred deep linking methods using its unique device detecting attribution link - OneLink™.

This guide covers all you need to know about the setup and usage of deep linking for your mobile apps. We recommend that a marketer and developer review this guide together, because this guide covers setting up deep links both in AppsFlyer dashboard and in the app.


Deep linking relies on the correct setup of OneLink.
Please read the OneLink™ Basic Setup Guide first.

Deep linking and OneLink

OneLink operates as a "bridge" between the advertisement and the mobile app. It can launch the app and provide the mobile developer with the data required to personalize the user experience. To do so the mobile app MUST be developed with deep linking capabilities and infrastructure.

Deep linking and retargeting

Deep linking and OneLink are major tools in advertisers' efforts to re-engage with existing or past users, i.e. retargeting. This subject is covered in the Retargeting Guide, which should be implemented after the deep linking guide.

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