AppsFlyer - Amplitude Integration

This article is intended for customers who want to send attribution data to Amplitude.

Amplitude provides product analytics to help mobile and web companies understand user behavior. Product, marketing, and growth teams use Amplitude to discover and share insights about user engagement, retention, and revenue.

Follow the instructions below to configure the integration with Amplitude:

1.  Get the API Key from Amplitude:

  • Login to your Amplitude account

  • Navigate to your Application Settings by clicking on the gear icon next to the Amplitude Application you wish to send your AppsFlyer data to


  • Get the API Key from App Info in the upper right corner

2.  Configure Amplitude in AppsFlyer’s Dashboard. 

  • Click Integrated Partners on the left of the screen


  • Search for Amplitude:

  • Click on the Amplitude logo to open the configuration window

  • Under Integration Parameters, select Enable

  • Insert the API Key taken from Amplitude console (see Section 1)
  • Click Save & Close

Once you have saved the configuration, AppsFlyer sends the following data to Amplitude for every organic and non-organic install:

  • Device ID (IDFA / Google Advertising ID)
  • Media Source
  • Campaign name


According to Facebook and Twitter T&C, we are unable share user level data with any 3rd party. As a result, all Facebook and Twitter installs are sent to Amplitude as organic. 

Viewing the Attribution Data in Amplitude Console

Attribution data sent from AppsFlyer to Amplitude is displayed in your dashboards as events and properties prefixed with [AppsFlyer].

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