Partner Marketplace

At a glance: Discover new media sources and platforms that specialize in your vertical. Learn about their services and performance, contact them, and integrate with them directly from the Partner Marketplace.


The Partner Marketplace presents a wide range of partner types, such as ad networks, marketing partners, agencies, analytic platforms, and Email Service Providers (ESPs), from over 10,000 partners integrated with AppsFlyer (AppsFlyer partners). These media sources and platforms specialize in different verticals and regions. In the Marketplace, you can find partners you’re not familiar with and check their performance. You can also explore and discover new services in other verticals, helping you to grow and evolve.

From the Partner Marketplace, you can access existing partner integrations and connect more apps to your integrations. 


The Partner Marketplace is currently available to marketers, not yet to agencies and partners.

Quick start

Explore the Partner Marketplace, discover new opportunities, and start connecting with partners.

To get started:

  1. Enter the Partner Marketplace: In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaboration >Partner Marketplace.
  2. Discover partners
  3. Learn about the partner: Select a partner to get to the partner details page
  4. Integrate with the partner

Discover partners

There are a number of ways to discover partners in the marketplace and see what they offer:

partner marketplace updated.png

Explore the Partner Marketplace

To make it easier for you to find partners that best suit your needs, they’re presented in sections, according to your category. For example:

  • Suggested for you: Partners with a high rate of growth, retention, and in-app purchases.
  • Data Clean Room (DCR) partners: Tech partners that provide 1st-party and 3rd-party data you can leverage to enrich your data and optimize campaign performance.
  • Popular in your category: Partners from your main category with the most active integrations.
  • Last visited: Partners you’ve recently viewed in the marketplace.

Partner cards


Browse the partner cards for basic information on partner services:

  • Active status indication—appears for active integrations
  • Company name, followed by quality badges—for partners who meet quality criteria (see details below), or by the DCR partner indication.
  • Type of media platform
  • Introduce me
  • App integrations: The number of active app integrations the partner has with recorded traffic from the past 30 days
  • Page views: The number of views of the ad network details page in the last 30 days
  • Settings icon—appears for integrated partners

DCR partners

DCR partners are tech partners that provide 1st-party and 3rd-party data. The AppsFlyer Data Clean Room (DCR) matches user-level data coming from the DCR partner with your user-level data, resulting in enriched combined data. Using this data, AppsFlyer creates aggregated reports, allowing you to obtain aggregated insights and optimize campaign performance while maintaining user privacy.

Note: If you don't have a DCR plan, you can submit a request via the partner page.

Filter the list of partners

Use the filters at the top of the page to find partners relevant to your search. When entering the Partner Marketplace page, default filters are applied according to your app activity (your categories and target region). AppsFlyer automatically saves your last selection for future sessions with the same device. Use the following filters to fine-tune your search:

Filter Description

Category, Subcategory,

Filter partners by categories (as defined by the partners). Click the field to see the list of categories, subcategories, or sub-subcategories. 

Target region

Filter partners by activity in the selected regions. 
Target geo Filter partners whose main activity is in the selected geos.
Supported capabilities Filter by capabilities supported by partners, such as Campaign Optimization or A/B testing. These capabilities are defined by the partners. 
Supported platforms Filter partners that support the selected platforms, such as iOS or Android (as defined by the partner).
Pricing model Filter partners that support the selected pricing model (as defined by the partner).
Ad type Filter partners that support the selected advertisement type (as defined by the partner).
Supported features Filter partners based on features supported in the integration.

AppsFlyer Performance Index

When selected, shows only partners included in the latest AppsFlyer Performance Index. 

High Quality Traffic

When selected, shows only partners with a low fraud rate badge (based on traffic from the last month).


When using the search bar, any applied filters are cleared in the search. To apply combined results, use the search bar first and after the results are shown, apply the filters.

Search for partners

partner search3.png

Use the Partner Marketplace search bar to find specific partners. When using the search bar in the Partner Marketplace:

  • You can search for partners by their name or PID
  • The Manage integration manage_integration_cogwheel.png icon appears for existing partners. It leads to the configuration page of your currently selected app
  • A green or orange dot on the left of the partner logo indicates the level of activity for the integration.
  • Once you've searched and visited partners, the five recent ones show in your next searches
  • You can also search within your active partner integrations

Learn about partners

You can learn more about each partner and connect with them from the partner details page. Click a partner card to see the partner page.

Partner page 

What you can do from the partner page:

What you can see on the partner page:

  • When partners meet quality criteria, the following badges appear:
    • Performance Index, leading to the partner ranking table at the bottom of the page. You'll see this index only if the partner appeared in the latest Performance Index
    • High-quality traffic, indicating traffic from recent months with a very low fraud rate
  • App integrations: The number of active app integrations the partner has with recorded traffic for the past 30 days
  • Page views: The number of views of the ad network details page in the last 30 days
  • Supported features: See what AppsFlyer integration features the partner supports.
  • Partner performance: Different aspects of the partner's performance indicating their level of quality 
  • Which other partners were viewed by customers in your category, who also viewed this partner
  • Partner details: Information the partner provided, such as their services, capabilities, and terms of service. 
  • Connect with Data Clean Room (DCR) partners: Connect your DCR to the partner's data sources to enrich your data and optimize campaign performance by leveraging their data.
    Note: If you don't have a DCR plan, you can submit a request via the partner page.


  • Clicking the AppsFlyer icon at the top left corner brings you back to the last visited page on the AppsFlyer platform
  • Clicking the Marketplace icon at the top left corner brings you back to the last visited page on the Partner Marketplace

Contact the partner

AppsFlyer can help you connect with a partner by sending them an introductory email on your behalf. You can see the text message before it's sent.

  1. From the partner details page, click Introduce me.
  2. [Optional] Hover over See full email text to see the full text message.
  3. Click Send quick introduction.


  • The Introduce me button appears only if the partner provided relevant contact details 
  • Some partners prefer to be reached via their landing page. In this case, the Contact partner button appears instead of Introduce me

Partner performance

Partner performance page.png

To help marketers decide whether or not to integrate with the partner, this section shows different aspects of their performance metrics, indicating their level of quality. 

Active integrations

Provides information on the partner's level of service according to the criteria below.

  • Average lifetime activity: The average period during which a marketer actively runs campaigns with the selected media source. The measured period is 12 months back and before, and only net traffic time is accounted for. 
  • Advertiser retention rate: The percentage of advertisers who have been working with the media source in the past year and are still active today. 

Geo and category rates

  • Show top Geos/Categories: Shows by default the top 10 geos and categories in which the partner is most active, sorted by the install volume. When the Partner Performance filters (top-right of the section) are applied, results show accordingly. 
  • Categories per geo: Shows the breakdown of retargeting/user acquisition rates (depending on the selected option) in the selected categories and geos.

The default charts show the top 10 categories and geos in which the partner is active, across all platforms. You can change the default settings by selecting up to 10 other geos or categories, and any available platforms from the top-right corner.

Integrate with a new partner

After discovering new partners and learning about their performance, you can set up the integration.  Once your apps are connected to partners, you’ll start seeing non-organic data on your dashboards.


Before setting up an integration, make sure you contact the partner and open an account with them.

To set up an integration with a new partner:

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaboration > Partner Marketplace
  2. Search for the partner and select it. You're directed to the partner details page.
  3. Click Set up integration. You’re directed to the integration setup page. 
  4. Turn on Activate partner and set up the rest of the integration sections.

After the integration is set the partner becomes active. You can then filter the page to show only your active partners by clicking Show active partners in sections.

Invite new partners to AppsFlyer

If the partner you're working with isn't integrated with AppsFlyer yet, you can send them an invitation link.


  • Only admins can invite new partners via the invite link
  • This option isn't available for customers in the Zero or Welcome plan

To invite a new partner to integrate with AppsFlyer:

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaboration > Partner Marketplace.
  2. From the top-right corner of the Partner Marketplace page, click the 3 dots and select Invite new partner
  3. Enter the partner's name and relevant email address.
    The partner will receive an email with a registration link to start the signup process.

Manage existing integrations

You can manage existing (active) integrations and integrate more apps with a partner. There are a number of ways to get to the integration setup page of your currently selected app:

  • In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaboration > Active Integration
  • From the Active integrations section or page (see below) in the marketplace, select the partner card.
  • When searching for a partner in the Partner Marketplace search bar, click the manage_integration_cogwheel.png icon appearing next to your integrated partners

Active integrations

Find active partner integrations in the following ways:

  • View recently visited partners in the Active integrations section, at the top of the Partner Marketplace page
  • View all your active partners: Click Show all from the Active integrations section
  • Use the search bar within your active integrations to find the partner by name or PID
  • Select Show active partners in sections from the left menu of the Partner Marketplace page This shows active partners by the page sections, such as trending, suggested, or popular


  • Clicking a partner card leads to the partner configuration page. 
  • For partners who meet quality criteria, the Partner performance icon partner appears when hovering over the partner cards. Clicking it leads to the Partner performance table.

Active integrations—section

marketplace_active_integrations_section.JPGThe Active integrations section, at the top of the Partner Marketplace page, shows recent active partners for the currently selected app (the last app that was selected before you entered the Partner Marketplace).

Clicking Show all opens the Active integrations page, where you can see all your active partners that are connected to any of your apps.

Active integrations—page

active integratins page.png

The Active integrations page shows all your active integrated partners. From this page, you can manage any of your integrations, search within your active partners, and create new integrations for partners that aren't connected to the currently selected app. The Active integrations page is divided into two sections:

  • Active integrations with the currently selected app
  • Active integrations with all other apps except for the currently selected app


  • The active partners shown on the Active integrations page vary according to the currently selected app (the last app that was selected before entering the Marketplace). You can see which partners are connected to other apps by clicking the app from the top-left corner and selecting a different app. 
  • The list is sorted by partner integrations you've visited the most during the last three months. You can change to sorting the list alphabetically.
  • When some of your active integrations have no recent activity, you'll see a message indicating this on the Active integrations page. 

What you can do from the Active integrations page

Option Description
Return to the Partner Marketplace

Click the Partner Marketplace icon from the top left of the page, to return to the AppsFlyer Partner Marketplace, where you can find all partners integrated with AppsFlyer.


Search for partners in the Partner Marketplace

Enter a partner name in the Partner Marketplace search bar.

Search within your active integrations

Enter a partner name in the Active integrations search bar to search for an active partner from the currently selected app.

Invite new partners

If the partner you're working with isn't integrated with AppsFlyer yet, you can send them an invitation link.

Change apps The list of active partner integrations depends on the currently selected app. To see active partners of a different app:
  1. Click the app icon to open the list of all your apps.
  2. Select another app.

Filter partners by Supported features

Select supported features to filter your active integrations:

  • Ad revenue: Receiving ad revenue data from your published ads
  • Audiences: Sending the partner your user groups segmented at AppsFlyer Audiences
  • Cross-platform: Attribution for installs from one platform to ad views displayed on another platform
  • Cost: Receiving cost data of the partner campaign, via API or via the attribution link
  • Retargeting: Attribution for re-engagement of users
  • View-through: Attribution of user acquisition or retargeting
For iOS apps, the Apple privacy features appear:

Review and deactivate unused integrations

If the currently selected app has active partner integrations with no conversions from the last 30 days or more, a warning message displays. To prevent data privacy issues, it's recommended to deactivate these integrations.

View your Privacy-preserving overview

beta (small).png

Use the Privacy-preserving overview, available for Beta accounts, to increase awareness of privacy and data sharing while using the AppsFlyer platform.

See the Partner Performance page

Click the Partner performance icon on a partner card to view different aspects of their performance.

Manage the integration

Click a partner card to view and manage the partner integration setup page.