Adquant-(FMP) campaign configuration

At a glance: Adquant, an AppsFlyer integrated partner, is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions to help app marketers scale their growth.

Setting up Adquant

  1. Configure your Facebook Ads integration by following the guidelines here.
  2. Go to the dashboard of your app and click on Integrated Partners on the left bar.

  3. Enter "Adquant" in the search field and click on its logo to open Adquant's configuration window.

The Adquant Configuration window opens:

By default, we send Adquant the geo location of the user. If you want to disable this, enter the value 1 in the Disable_Country_Sending field.

In-app events

  1. To send in-app event postbacks to Adquant, toggle the In-App Events Postback to ON.
  2. Individually add the in-app events you want to send to Adquant.
  3. Select Send Revenue to send all the parameters including the revenue value (if it exists in the event).

  4. Click Save.

Configuring on Adquant

When you configure your campaigns on Kenshoo the campaign name must begin with "adquant_".

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