Using PBA dashboards

At a glance: Get the most out of our PBA dashboard features. 


PBA dashboards

The following sections relate to the Website Attribution and Web-Assisted Installs dashboards. 


Filtering options

Refine PBA dashboard results by using the (A) date picker, (B) main filters, and (C) additional filters to fit the analysis to your needs. 

Filter panel in PBA dashboards



(1) Date picker

(2) Default filters

(3) Additional filters: Click + to select an additional filter.


  • The filter panel design is common to all PBA dashboards.
  • The filters available per dashboard differ as indicated in the table that follows.
  • Filters with context: Some filters, as indicated in the table, require that they be associated with a context. For example, in the Web-Assisted Installs dashboard, the geo filter requires a context of either the web media source or the mobile media source. You can set a geo filter for each by setting two geo filters; one for each context. 

Available filter dimensions per dashboard

Filter Description/values Website Attribution  Web-Assisted Installs Conversion
Date picker

The date one of the following PBA conversion events occurred: 

  • App install
  • Web conversion
  • Mobile conversion





List of countries/territories 

Y Y (1)

Y (2)

Install type Organic, smart banner, custom link, paid -- Y --
Media channel Ad, direct, email, referral, organic search, social Y Y Y (2)
Mobile platform Android, iOS -- Y --
Media source 

Media source to which the event is attributed


Y(1) Y (2)

Media type

Includes paid, owned, earned


Y Y (2)

Conversion events

Show paths that lead to the conversion event for the conversion path




Path length (steps) 

Number of steps in the current conversion path view: Media source, media channel, media type




Path duration (days)

Duration of the conversion starting with the first touchpoint -- -- Y

(1) In the web-assisted installs dashboard, you associate the filter with the web media source or the mobile media source. You can set multiple instances of the filter. Example case

Grouping options

Group by options are available on the Web-Assisted Installs and Website Attribution dashboards.

Dashboard data is grouped by, for example, media source, device, or country. When a group is selected, a data column is added to the results table. The order in which groups are chosen affects how the data is shown. 

  • Default group: Media source/Campaign
  • In the drop-down, select 1 or more of the options.


Scenario: The same targeting campaign is run in both Net_A and Net_B.

Goal: Look at which media source is more successful.

How? Group by media source, then look at a campaign that is directed towards the same target audience.

Group Description Web-Assisted Installs Website Attribution

Device type

Includes smartphone, tablet, desktop, TV, and other (unrecognized devices)




  • Use to differentiate between web and mobile KPIs
  • Website Attribution dashboard: Combines operating system and platform. For example, Android/Web, iOS/Web, Windows/Web, Linux/Web 
  • Web-Assisted Installs: iOS, Android, Windows


  • View traffic and engagement trends by country
  • Results can directly impact investment decisions per country

Media source/campaign

Media source

Media source attributed to a conversion

  • To view in-depth campaign data click down through the campaign hierarchy: campaign > ad set > ad
  • Available hierarchy levels differ between the various media sources

Campaign names

  • Available campaign names based on URL parameters.
  • Campaign names aren't available in all cases.

Media channel

Ad, direct, email, referral, organic search, social



Media type

Includes paid, owned, earned







Other settings

Setting Description
Brand bundle

PBA dashboards have brand-bundle level data. Bundles consist of a website, 1 Android app, and 1 iOS app.

PBA settings
  • Set conversion events
  • Change bundle settings

Additional information

Traits and limitations

PBA dashboards and reports are updated daily per the UTC time zone.
  • Daily processing includes events received during the previous day. 
  • Data finalization:
    • In the case of Web-Assisted Installs, Website Attribution PBA identifies additional related events during the first 7 days after the conversion. This can change the media source identified as being ultimately responsible for driving the conversion. 
    • In the related raw-data reports, the final_data field is false during the initial 7-day period.

PBA dashboards don't support local currency and data will be shown in USD.