Snapchat and AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork interoperation

At a glance: SKAdNetwork interoperability enables Snapchat to share SKAdNetwork postbacks with AppsFlyer and enables AppsFlyer to share your conversion value measurement mapping with Snapchat.

SKAdNetwork interoperability: AppsFlyer <-> Snapchat

If you work with multiple ad network partners, the best practice is to configure your SKAdNetwork integration in AppsFlyer. By doing so, SKAdNetwork performance metrics, enriched with other metrics like cost, are available in the AppsFlyer platform. 

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Scope of SKAdNetwork interoperability with Snapchat

The interoperation allows AppsFlyer and Snapchat to share the SKAdNetwork conversion value map, enabling both to provide you with performance metrics. If you enable the Snapchat partner integration in AppsFlyer, then AppsFlyer provides Snapchat with events for optimization purposes.

Snapchat app install ads guidance

In configuring your Snapchat iOS 14 app install campaigns, consider the following Snapchat guidance:

Effective February 18, 2021, SKAdNetwork will be available in Snapchat Ads Manager for all advertisers. We recommend that apps configure and begin to test, to ensure no disruption to measurement or scale for app acquisition iOS 14 campaigns on Snapchat. In the future, SKAdNetwork will be a requirement to access App Goal-Based Bidding for iOS Campaigns on Snapchat.

Please complete your SKAdNetwork integration in your AppsFlyer MMP dashboard, and complete the configuration of your Conversion Value mapping prior to launching SKAdNetwork ad sets within Snapchat Ads Manager. Snapchat’s setup guide for SKAdNetwork can be found here.

Implementation requirements

Consider the following in Snapchat:

  • Configure a Snap App ID for each app you advertise on Snapchat.
  • Opt-in the Snapchat Ad Sets for SKAdNetwork measurement.
  • For a given app, you are limited to a maximum of 10 Ad Sets at a time opted into SKAdNetwork attribution. 

Enabling interoperation

Interoperation is achieved via settings in the AppsFlyer and Snapchat dashboards. No interoperation is required in the app itself. However, you need to adopt the most recent AppsFlyer SDK. 

To enable AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork interoperation with Snapchat:
Step Action Details 


App prerequisites
  • Adopt the most recent AppsFlyer SDK into your app.


SKAdNetwork settings review 

Set up and turn on AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork Solution.

To view SKAdNetwork settings:

  1. In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > SKAdNetwork Settings.
  2. Make a note of the exact event names set. You need them in the next step.
  3. Verify that SKAdNetwork measurement is on. 


In-app event mapping

Review, and if necessary, make changes to your Snapchat in-app event mappings. 

To view and set in-app event mappings:

  1. In AppsFlyer, Go to Configuration > Integrated Partners.
  2. Select Snapchat.
  3. Go to the Integration tab.
  4. If not on, turn on Activate partner.
  5. Verify, and if necessary update, the Snap app ID that displays in AppsFlyer with the app ID that displays in the Snapchat dashboard.
  6. If not on, turn on In-app events postback.


    Verify that the in-app events SDK event names you set in SKAdNetwork measurement are mapped to Partner event identifiers, meaning Snapchat event names. You must map the currently-selected SKAdNetwork measurement type events or the events in your Custom conversion map. Note! The default measurement type is revenue. 
    Measurement type Mapping requirement

    Map af_skad_revenue to PURCHASE

    Conversion Map 1–6 conversion events to the corresponding Snapchat events.
    Engagement Map the engagement event you set to the corresponding Snapchat event.
    In-app event mapping guide
  7. Click Save integration.


Allow Snapchat to share postbacks with AppsFlyer
  1. Go to your Snapchat dashboard.
  2. In the Please share postbacks with this MMP, select AppsFlyer.


  3. Click Update.

Additional information

Discrepancies guide

Discrepancy Details 

Dashboard filters

Discrepancy cause

  • AppsFlyer The SKAdNetwork dashboard contains installs relating to iOS postbacks received.
  • Snapchat: By default, the Snapchat dashboard and report includes both SKAdNetwork and installs attributed traditionally (IDFA). Filter the Snapchat report to get only SKAdNewtork installs. 


Align the Snapchat dashboard filters to display SKAdNetwork installs only as indicated in the screenshot that follows.


Install date differences

Discrepancy cause

There can be differences between the AppsFlyer and Snapchat install dates as follows:

  • AppsFlyer: Derives the install date using the following formula: Postback arrival time - 24 hours - measurement window (default 24 hours.) So the default adjustment is 48 hours. All times UTC. SKAdNetwork data freshness
  • Snapchat: Typically uses the iOS postback arrival time as the install date without adjustment.


Take the above into consideration when comparing results.

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