(by MobileAction) setup

At a glance: Optimize Apple Search Ads campaigns by using by MobileAction. When configured, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to

Enabling Apple Search Ads attribution

To be able to send postbacks to, you should first enable attribution for Apple Search Ads. This can be done by either an advertiser or an agency.


If the advertiser or the agency disables attribution for Apple Search Ads, postbacks for and other Apple Search Ads Marketing Partners are stopped.

  • Advertisers: follow the instructions below on how to enable attribution for Apple Search Ads.
  • Agencies: follow these instructions to enable attribution for Apple Search Ads.

Setting up in AppsFlyer

Getting required information from

Before you start configuring in AppsFlyer, obtain your api_key and your Apple Search Ads campaign group ID.

  • For api_key, go to your dashboard, click Integrations > AppsFlyer. In the popup that opens, copy the ID. API key
  • For Apple Search Ads Campaign Group ID: In your Apple Search Ads dashboard, get the Apple Search Ads Campaign Group ID for the relevant campaign group:


Setting up campaigns in AppsFlyer

To set up a

  1. If required, activate Apple Search Ads integration: 
    1. In AppsFlyer, under Configuration, go to Partner Marketplace.
    2. Search for and select the partner. You're directed to the partner configuration page.
    3. From the Integration tab, turn on Activate partner.
    4. Click Save Integration.
  2. In AppsFlyer, configure
    1. In AppsFlyer, go to, Configuration > Active Integrations.
    2. Search for (by MobileAction).
      The list of marketing partners displays. 
    3. Select (by MobileAction).
    4. Turn on Activate Partner.
    5. Enter the API key in the api_key field. 
    6. Enter's Apple Search Ads Campaign ID. Enter the digits (numbers) only.
    7. Click Save.

Configuring in-app event postbacks

To configure postback that should be sent to upon in-app events:

  1. Enter the api_key.
  2. Turn on In-app events postback.
  3. Select Send all events.
  4. Under Send revenue, select Values&Revenue.
  5. Click Save Integration.