TUNE integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: TUNE, an AppsFlyer integrated partner, is a partner marketing platform.
Integrate with TUNE to measure incoming traffic and to enable deep linking into your app.

Setting up TUNE integration

AppsFlyer integration with TUNE supports click attribution.

The setup is done from the Active Integrations page, but to find the partner you must first go to the marketplace


Before setting up an integration, make sure you contact the partner and open an account with them.

To activate the integration:

  1. Go to the Marketplace: From the top menu of any AppsFlyer page, click Marketplace
  2. Search for the partner and select it.
  3. Click Set up integration. You’re directed to the integration setup page.
  4. In the Integration tab, turn on Activate partner.
    Note: The toggle must stay on (activated) for as long as you work with the partner.
  5. Complete the configuration using the relevant tabs, as described in the following table:
    Settings tab Remarks

    Configure additional integration settings as required.

    The Custom_TUNE_tracking_domain field is used to build your specific endpoint URL. For example, if you enter "greatapp", your endpoint URL will be:

    Use the same name for in-app events custom tracking domain.

    Attribution link Generate attribution links.
    Cost Get cost data.
    Ad revenue Not available for this partner
    Permissions Set ad network permissions as required.
  6. Click Save Integration.

Enabling deep linking into your app

Use OneLink branded links generated in AppsFlyer to measure clicks in TUNE. The following process enables deep linking users to a specific page in your app.


Verify  AppsFlyer mobile SDK versions:

  • iOS: V4.9.0 or later
  • Android: V4.9.0 or later 

Step 1: Configure links for your campaigns

  • Create a OneLink template for your email campaigns.
  • Create a Branded link.
    When requested to add a CNAME to your domain, use yourdomain.esplinks.appsflyer.com, instead of the URL offered in the Branded Link creation page.
    • Subdomain: click.example.com
    • CNAME: example.appsflyer.com


      Note that when clicking Verify to verify the brand domain, a failure message regarding the AppsFlyer CNAME displays.


      Ignore this message and change the CNAME as instructed above.

Step 2: Set up the attribution link

  1. Go to the Attribution link tab and copy only the link parameters under Click attribution link as highlighted below.


  2. Add the copied parameters to your branded link.



  3. To complete the setup, go to the Managing Mobile Offers with AppsFlyer guide in TUNE's help center, scroll down to Universal Links via OneLink and follow the instructions.