Outbrain campaign configuration

At a glance: Outbrain, an AppsFlyer integrated partner, is a premium discovery platform that helps connect marketers to their target audience through personalized recommendations on the world's leading publishers.

Setting up Outbrain integration

AppsFlyer integration with Outbrain supports click attribution.


To activate the integration:

  1. In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Integrated Partners.
  2. Select the partner.
    The partner's configuration window opens.
  3. Turn on Activate partner.
  4. Click Save Integration.
  5. If necessary, make additional settings changes according to the campaigns and postbacks you run with the partner. 
Settings tab Remarks

Configure additional integration settings as required. 

Attribution link Generate attribution links.
Cost Not available for this partner
Ad revenue Not available for this partner
Permissions Set ad network permissions as required.
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