In-App Events Postback Configuration

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AppsFlyer’s in-app events provide advertisers with the ability to track any post-install event and attribute it to a media source and campaign. Networks and Media Sources can use this data to optimize their advertising capabilities. This can also enable you to create custom audiences and retargeting lists etc...

An in-app event is comprised of an event name and event parameters. For details of the full list of available in-app events, click here.

Where possible, it is very important that in-app events are mapped to the media source in the AppsFlyer dashboard. This should be performed using the AppsFlyer standard values for SDK in-app events.

It is important to know that the names of event tags used by AppsFlyer may differ from the name of those used by the media source. The names must be matched so that the media source can identify the post-install event and attribute it accordingly.

Performing In-App Event Mapping

For details of performing in-app event mapping, click here.

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