Facebook marketing partners configuration

At a glance: Optimize Facebook campaigns by using Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) such as Kenshoo, Bidalgo, and Smartly. When configured, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to the FMP.

Configuring Facebook Marketing Partners

To configure a Facebook Marketing Partner:

  1. In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Integrated Partners.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the search bar, enter the name of a Facebook Marketing Partner.
      Select the partner.
    • Use the Facebook Marketing Partner filter option to display a list of partners.
      Select a partner.
  3. If necessary, activate the partner. 
  4. Enter the necessary configuration parameters. This varies according to the FMP selected.

In-app event postback setup


In order for the partner to get postbacks, campaign names must be prefixed by the FMP name. For example, if the FMP partner is Fmpexample and the segment is Young_Segment then set the campaign name to: fmpexample_Young_Segment. Note: the FMP partner name is case-sensitive.

To setup in-app event postbacks:

  1. In the In-App Events section, configure the events for sending postbacks to the FMP
  2. Select Send revenue to include revenue values. This will only occur if the revenue was set in the af_revenue field in the in-app event.
  3. Enable In-App Event Postbacks. 
  4. Select the Sending Option for all SDK-defined events.
    • Only events attributed to this partner for events coming only from users attributed to this partner.
    • Events attributed to any partner or organic to have your entire user base available to be reported to the partner.
  5. Click Add Event to add an SDK Event to the list.
  6. Fill in the following parameters:
    Parameter Name Description
    SDK Event Name The name of the event, as received by AppsFlyer either from the SDK integrated in your app, or from server to server events.
    Tip - don't see the event you want in the list? Make sure to activate the event on a device with a non-organic installation and recheck.
    Partner Event Identifier The unique name or ID of each event as defined on the partner's side. There are several options here:
    Text field - get the corresponding event ID from the partner.
    Drop down box - select the most suitable pre-defined event for your event. Some integrations have the CUSTOM value, which enables sending your SDK event as is to the partner.
    Send Revenue When unchecked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters of the rich in-app event to the partner, except for the revenue parameter, which is contained in the af_revenue parameter.
    When checked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters including the revenue value (if exists in the event).
  7. Click Save Integration.

 Important Notes

  • Disabling attribution for Facebook prevents sending postbacks to FMPs
  • The in-app events mapping with the FMP, or lack of, does not affect the sending of in-app events to Facebook directly from the advertiser's account.
  • In-app events mapping may require different setup parameters depending on the FMP.
  • Facebook and Twitter campaigns must start with the FMP account name (as defined in the AppsFlyer platform) followed by "_". Campaigns, which are not named as mentioned, are visible to the advertiser but are invisible to the FMP. The FMP name is case-sensitive.
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