Smart Banners— mobile web-to-app

At a glance: The majority of website traffic worldwide originates from mobile devices. Use Smart Banners, on your mobile web site, to convert visitors to your app. 

Smart Banners

Implement Smart Banners by integrating the AppsFlyer Smart Banner SDK into the website. Apart from the initial integration, no further coding is required. 

By using Smart Banners you can measure the quality of app installs coming from visitors to the mobile website. Smart Banners can attribute using click-through attribution and count impressions:

  • Clicks: A user clicks the Smart Banners and proceeds to install.
  • Impressions: When the banner loads (user sees the banner), it sends an impression count event to AppsFlyer. 


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Scope of work

Who's involved

Marketer and website developer.
The website developer only needs to enter a code snippet into the HTML of the website.

For all other setup actions only the marketer is required.


  • An AppsFlyer account with at least one app
  • OneLink template containing the app/s to be advertised using Smart Banners

Time required

Approximately 20 minutes.


  • Website visitors clicking the CTA button will be sent to the correct app store or web page based on their device.
  • Mobile app users clicking the CTA button can be deep-linked into the app.
  • Users will be attributed from the click/install to your owned media sources.


Mark is a marketer working for the successful food delivery service "Feed Me".
Mark wants to convert Feed Me's mobile website visitors into app users. 

To do this Mark utilizes Smart Banners using his own visuals and texts.  

Smart Banners are powered by OneLink. When mobile website visitors click the CTA button, it automatically directs them to the appropriate app store or landing page, where it's easy for them to install the app. When existing mobile users click the CTA button, it launches the app. 

AppsFlyer then attributes the click/install to Mark's defined media source and campaign


Use either AppsFlyer Smart Banner or iOS Safari smart app banner, but not both. Using both may cause display issues on your mobile website, and result in attribution discrepancies.

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