Smart Banners - mobile web to app

At a glance: Your mobile websites are an often overlooked yet potentially an abundant source for new mobile users. Use Smart Banners on your mobile web site to drive users to the app.


Smart Banners

Implement Smart Banners by integrating the AppsFlyer Smart Banner SDK into the website. Apart from the initial integration, no further coding is required. 

By using Smart Banners you can measure the quality of app installs coming from visitors to the mobile website. Smart Banners can attribute using click-through attribution and count impressions:

  • Clicks: A user clicks the Smart Banners and proceeds to install.
  • Impressions: When the banner loads (user sees the banner), it sends an impression count event to AppsFlyer. 
  • The media source of these visitors is af_banner.


Not sure whether Smart Banners is the right solution for you?
Compare Smart Banners with other AppsFlyer solutions.

Smart Banners, creatives, and websites

  • Each creative is associated with a specific OneLink template. Meaning you can serve different app brands using the same banner.
  • A Smart Banner can have multiple creatives, which you can switch between as needed, but only one creative can be active per banner at a time.
  • If you wish to display creatives for the same brand of app across several websites, it is possible to choose a specific creative even if it's not active.
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