Applovin MAX ad revenue configuration

At a glance: Applovin MAX, an AppsFlyer integrated partner, provides app owners with ad revenue-generating solutions.

Setting up Applovin MAX integration

Prerequisite: Before setting up the integration, make sure you contact the partner and open an account with them.

To activate or edit the integration:

  1. To activate: In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaborate Partner Marketplace.
    To edit: In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaborate Active Integrations.
  2. Search for the partner and select it.
  3. Click Set up integration. You’re directed to the integration setup page.
  4. In the Integration tab, select the app for the integration and turn Activate partner on.
    Note: The toggle must be on (activated) for as long as you work with the partner.
  5. Complete the configuration using the relevant tabs, as described below.

Setting tabs

Update setting tabs content as required: Ad revenue.

Ad revenue

Applovin MAX provides ad revenue mediation with aggregate data at the device level.


  • Ad revenue for the Fire OS platform isn't reported in AppsFlyer.
  • Learn more about ad revenue attribution (ad monetization).

To enable the ad revenue API:

Best practice

If you monetize with Meta ads and are using Applovin Max, it's best if you don't have a direct Facebook ad revenue integration with AppsFlyer. This way, you'll receive user-level data. If you have a direct Facebook ad revenue integration, data is at aggregate-level.