Salesforce Marketing Cloud data sync with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Enrich Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) email campaign conversion data with AppsFlyer attribution data.


Use AppsFlyer attribution data in Salesforce Journey Builder and Automation Studio

Advertisers use AppsFlyer attribution data to enrich SFMC email campaign conversions using the Salesforce internal subscriber_key ID. This data enables advertisers to:

  •  Make marketing journey decisions based on user installs and in-app events
  •  Create and manage marketing automation flow using the SFMC Journey Builder module


To import and use attribution data from AppsFlyer:

  1. In Salesforce, create a new data extension. This data extension is used​ ​as an entry source of data.
    Import data onto it and create a data relationship between two extensions. Learn more about automation activities.
  2. In Salesforce, create another data extension. This data extension is used to store the data related to the audience defined in AppsFlyer for the decision splits in a journey flow.
  3. Link both data extensions in the Contact Builder module.
  4. Create a new​ ​journey using the entry source data extension.
  5. Add to the journey all the steps needed.
  6. Add a decision split activity.
  7. Configure the decision split activity according to the attribution data in the second data extension.
    Make sure to populate the second data extension (customer data) before activating the journey, otherwise the decision split won't work as expected. 
  8. Activate and test the journey.

Once a record starts the journey and encounters the decision split activity, it continues in a path according to the value of the condition you configured.

In each path, you can add different activities: For example, send an email, send a push notification, send an SMS.