Google AdMob ad revenue attribution configuration

At a glance: Google AdMob, an AppsFlyer integrated partner, allows app owners to receive ad revenue data to be used for ad revenue attribution.

Setting up Google AdMob integration

AppsFlyer integration with AdMob supports ad revenue attribution.

Advertisers set up AdMob using the Dashboard.

To access AdMob settings:

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrated partners.
  2. Search for and select Google AdMob.
  3. Update Ad Revenue tab settings. See the following section.

Setting tabs

Update setting tab content as required: Ad revenue.

Ad revenue

AdMob provides ad revenue mediation with aggregate granularity

Before you start:

Get the following credentials from AdMob:

To enable ad revenue attribution with AdMob:

  1. Go to the Ad Revenue tab.
  2. Enable Get Ad Revenue Data.
  3. Click Connect to AdMob and sign in with your Google AdMob account credentials.
    This allows AppsFlyer access to see your AdMob data.
  4. Enter credentials for Admob App ID.
  5. Select the type of aggregated ad revenue data you want to receive: Attributed revenue and/or Aggregated monetization revenue.
    • Attributed Revenue: Revenue based on the user acquisition source.
      In Event Source, select in-app event that represents the ad monetization trigger. (for example, af_ad_view). Ad Revenue Event will automatically populate.
    • Aggregated monetization revenue: Revenue based on the ad source.
  6. Click Save Ad Revenue.
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