Onboarding guide to People-Based Attribution

At a glance: PBA setup checklist.

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Setting up PBA

Setting up PBA consists of several action items described here and listed in the table that follows. 

  • Group brand digital properties into a brand bundle.
  • Integrate the web SDK into your website and the mobile SDK into your app.
  • AppsFlyer collects and attributes the data.
    • Data is collected from several different sources.
    • Recorded data is divided into touchpoints and events.
    • Events are attributed to the last non-direct web visit in the previous 30 days.
    • Advertisers can designate some events as conversion events. For example, purchases. Conversion events are analyzed in the dashboards.
    • Raw data is used to perform custom data analyses. 
  • Analyze customer journeys to optimize campaigns.

PBA set-up steps

Setup tasks are detailed in the table. Download this spreadsheet to record your progress.

Best practice: Implement CUID in the app and on your website. AppsFlyer will receive the CUID when a user registers or logs on.

PBA set-up checklist
  Responsibility Actions Remarks



  • Analyses and reports are aggregated within the brand.


  • Install the Web SDK on the website defined by the web app. 
  • Configure the web SDK to: 
  • SDK records visits and events.
  • Integration is fully supported through Google Tag Manager (GTM), Adobe, or Tealium.
  • Mandatory: Call SetCustomerUserID() immediately after a user registers or logs on. If you don't have a CUID, discuss alternatives with your CSM. 



Ensure that the webmaster used the SDK test tool to verify that the website the SDK is configured to:

  • Record visits
  • Record events
  • Set the CUID

Advertiser! Don't proceed until this step is complete. 

Developer & Advertiser

[Optional] Web server-to-server API

Reports web-related events like automatic subscription renewal



  • Wait for daily* processing to complete before doing so.



Begin to use the dashboards


AppsFlyerAdmin_us-en.pngAdvertiser Set up Data Locker

Provides access to PBA raw-data reports including touchpoints, standard and conversion events, and specialized reports for Web-Assisted Installs and Conversion Paths



Begin to use raw data

Data is available after daily* processing.

* Due to processing, data is available 10 hours after midnight UTC on the day of the event. Meaning Monday's events are available Tuesday 10:00 UTC. 

PBA data-acquisition via SDK/API

PBA data-acquisition tools
  Web platform Mobile (app) platform


  • JavaScript tag SDK installed on the website
  • Reports website visits, and web events


  • App SDK integrated into iOS, Android, Unity, etc. 
  • Reports app installs and user actions occurring in the app
Server-to-server API

Web server-to-server 

  • Reports events occurring in backend servers (not the web)
  • Example: subscription renewal

 Mobile server-to-server

  • Reports events occurring in backend servers (not the app)
  • Example: subscription renewal