Adding a new app

At a glance: Add your app to AppsFlyer to record its installs and in-app events and attribute them to the correct media sources.

Adding an app

If you haven't yet added an app to your dashboard, the first screen you see will ask you to add one. To add additional apps after the first, go to the My Apps page, and click the Add app button. Then, just follow the wizard steps as described in the tabs below.


To add an app to your AppsFlyer account:

  1. Select the app type:


    • Mobile: Android, iOS, or Windows
      • Important! Also select this option also for apps running on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and tvOS (Apple TV).
    • CTV (connected TV): Roku or Vizio SmartCast
      • Learn more about CTV app integration and attribution in AppsFlyer.
    • Web: A web app is where you define a website to include in a brand bundle for our People-Based Attribution (PBA) feature.
      • This option is available only to customers who have subscribed to PBA.
      • Learn more about PBA and attributing web visits, web events, and website-assisted installs to obtain a unified view of customer journeys across channels, platforms, and devices.
  2. Follow the instructions below appropriate for your app type.

Mobile and CTV apps

Complete the process of adding a mobile or CTV app as follows:

  1. Select the platform on which your app runs:



    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows


    • Roku
    • Vizio SmartCast
  2. [For mobile apps only] Select the app status based on the options in the following table:

    Status When to use it

    In store

    Your app is currently available in one of the proprietary app stores: iOS App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store.

    Pending approval/not published

    Your app is not yet published or is pending approval from the store. (This is useful when you are debugging the app to test the AppsFlyer SDK).


    Once your pending app goes live, AppsFlyer will automatically update its status, so you don't need to add it again. Learn more about pending apps and the optional procedure for manually refreshing status.


    Note that the status of the app as pending on the dashboard has no effect on data collection and measurement. If the app is live on an app store and users install it and interact with it, install and in-app event data is recorded on the dashboard just the same.

    3rd-party app store

    (option visible only for Android apps)

    Your app is in an Android app store other than Google Play.


    If your app is available in more than one Android app store (in other words, any combination of Google Play and 3rd-party stores), it is vital to consider the options for setting up multi-store Android attribution. Proper implementation from the beginning will ensure that you can access the data that you need in the format that you need it. 

  3. Enter relevant additional details based on the options in the following tables:




    In store

    Google Play URL (copied from Google Play)

    • Example:
    Pending approval/not published

    Android package name

    • Example: com.appsflyer.adNetworkTest
    • Note: Package name is case sensitive
    • Format:
      • At least two segments (one or more dots)
      • Each segment must start with a letter
      • All characters must be alphanumeric or underscore (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, or _)
      • Maximum length of 100 characters
    For more information, see Android developer documentation

    In 3rd-party store

    Android package name

    For detailed requirements, see previous row (Pending approval/not published)


    Channel name: a unique name you set for each 3rd-party store in the individual APK prepared for the store

    • Example: Amazon
    • Format: Upper or lower-case letters only (a-z or A-Z). No other characters, such as hyphen (-) or underscore (_), are permitted.


    App URL (copied from the 3rd-party app store)


    In store

    App Store URL (copied from the App Store)

    • Example:
    • Notes:
      • Be sure that the URL includes the 2-letter country code of the store (for example, us in the URL above)
      • An app added to the App Store prior to June 14, 2019, may contain in its URL (instead of
    Pending approval/not published

    Country of the App Store to which the app has been submitted


    App ID assigned by the App Store, without the prefix id

    • Example: 1543229303
    • Format: 9 or 10 numeric characters, 0-9

    In store

    Windows Phone Store URL (copied from the Windows Phone Store)

    • Example:

    Pending approval/not published

    App ID assigned by the Windows Phone Store

    • Example: 9wzdncrfhwfg
    • Note: App ID is case sensitive
    Mobile apps



    App name copied from the Roku Developer Dashboard. (There, you'll see it as the channel name.)

    • Example: My Roku channel
    • Format:
      • Maximum length of 100 characters
      • XSS tags not permitted


    Channel ID: numeric ID assigned to the channel by Roku

    • Example: 1234567
    • Format:
      • Numeric characters, 0-9
      • Maximum length of 50 characters
    • How do I find it?
      • From the Roku Developer Dashboard, click on the name of the channel you are adding to AppsFlyer. This opens the Roku Preview & Publish page for the channel.
      • The number that appears at the end of the page's URL in your browser is the Channel ID.


    Vizio SmartCast

    App name: the name you have chosen for your app

    App ID: the ID of the app as recognized by Vizio (usually starting with the letters vz). If you need to confirm the app ID, check with your Vizio representative.

    CTV apps
  4. Set time zone and currency:


    Time zone: Align the time zone you select here with the time zone you set with other attribution partners (such as Facebook and Google Ads). This ensures the closest match between the data reported in the AppsFlyer dashboard and the data you receive from these partners. Learn more about an app's time zone setting and its impact.

    Currency: Select the currency in which this app's data will be displayed in the dashboard. Revenue and spend events are converted to this currency using the exchange rate in effect at the event time. Learn more about an app's currency setting and its impact.


    Use care in selecting the currency you want to use for the app. You won't be able to change it once cost and revenue have been recorded.

Web apps


Complete the process of adding a web app by entering the following app details:

  1. URL: Enter the full URL of the website for which you want to measure traffic. This is the website on which you have implemented (or will implement) the PBA Web SDK.



    • scheme
    • sub-domain [optional]
    • domain name
    • top-level domain
    • path [optional] the address of a specific directory or page on your website
  2. App name: Enter a name to identify your app:
    • Maximum length = 100 characters
    • XSS tags not permitted


Once you create a web app, you are not able to edit its properties (URL and app name) without deleting it and re-creating it, which means you also must delete the brand bundle of which it is a part.

Next steps:

  • Add your newly-created web app to a PBA brand bundle to see it on the PBA dashboard.
    • Make sure all the mobile apps you want to include in the brand bundle have been added to your account before creating the bundle.
  • Integrate the PBA Web SDK to the website specified in the web app to get the measurement data flowing.


Find solutions for some common issues: 

App wasn't added

If this error occurs, contact your CSM or send an email to

App not in the store

Confirm that you have copied the store URL correctly, using the appropriate app name/ID.

Can't access marketplace

This error sometimes occurs when adding an Android app from a non-US store. Follow these steps to resolve it:

  1. Add the app with a status of Pending approval/not published, as described above.
  2. Go to the AppsFlyer App settings page.
  3. Change the App store country to the correct country (for example, Japan).

Once the app has been added, AppsFlyer will automatically detect that the app is live and update its status accordingly.

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