Connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) overview

At a glance: Integrate your Connected TV (CTV) app with AppsFlyer to receive attribution and event data for your campaigns on CTV and OTT devices.


About CTV attribution

CTV and OTT devices (also referred to as just CTV devices) allow TVs to connect to the internet and engage with Smart TV and CTV apps and content. These devices deliver audio and visual content via streaming over the internet, bypassing cable, broadcast, and satellite platforms. 

CTV app owners integrate with AppsFlyer to receive attribution data and performance measurements about sources (non-organic or organic) and paid campaigns driving CTV app installs and post-install events. CTV marketers use these insights to measure and optimize marketing activities. Learn more about AppsFlyer attribution

Note: This article covers CTV device-to-CTV app attribution.

List of supported CTV device types

CTV device type Logo AppsFlyer integration method
Android TV androidtv2.png AppsFlyer Android SDK
tvOS (Apple TV) appletv.png AppsFlyer iOS SDK
Amazon Fire TV amazonfiretv.png AppsFlyer Android SDK
Chromecast chromecast.png AppsFlyer Android SDK
Roku roku.png AppsFlyer CTV API
Vizio VIZIO_Logo.jpg AppsFlyer CTV API
Samsung Samsung-logo.png AppsFlyer CTV API
LG LG_logo_Free_Download_Image.png AppsFlyer CTV API

Reports and dashboards

AppsFlyer reports and dashboards give advertisers a real-time window into the lifetime value (LTV) of non-organic and organic users, based on subscription, in-app purchases, and ad monetization. LTV metrics are calculated from the attribution date until the present.

AppsFlyer provides the following CTV data:

The following table summarizes the important attribution dimensions and metrics available for each of the supported CTV device types.

CTV device type Media sources supported Dimensions available Metrics available
Device ID IP address Impressions Clicks Installs In-app events
Android TV All GAID
tvOS (Apple TV) All IDFA - -
Amazon Fire TV All amazon_fire_id
Chromecast All advertising_id
Roku Roku and organic RIDA - -
Vizio Vizio and organic VIDA - -
Samsung Organic TIFA - -
LG Organic LGUDID - -

Traits and limitations

Trait Remarks

For Roku, only the Overview dashboard is available, in CTV view.


For Roku, Vizio, LG, and Samsung, raw data reports are only available via Data Locker (premium feature; requires a subscription).

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