Adding a New Application to the AppsFlyer Dashboard

AppsFlyer enables you to easily add a new application to the AppsFlyer dashboard.  Follow the steps below to do this: 

Adding a New App

1. On the top Menu bar, click My Apps to begin the process of adding a new app.


2.  Click

The Add Your App window opens:


Selecting the App Status

Depending on the status of the app you are adding, follow the instructions below.

1. If the application is available in the App Store(s)

    1. Select Available in the App Store / Google Play Store / Windows Phone Store
    2. Select the relevant store details
    3. Copy and paste your application preview link in the App Store URL field.
    4. Make sure you are using the format based on the examples below:

    • iOS:  https: // 
    • Android: https: //
    • Windows: https: //

4.  Click the Add App button to save.

2.  If the App is pending approval or unpublished

    1. Select Pending approval or unpublished.

    2. Select the relevant store (iOS / Android / Windows Store).
    3. Enter your application ID for iOS or package name for Android.

NOTE:  Pending applications are automatically updated when they go live in the App Store / Google Play.

2.1  To change the App Store country for Android Apps follow these steps:

a.  Add the app as a pending app.

b.  Go to App Settings and change the App Store Country:
c.  Go to My Apps in the dashboard and click Refresh Status.

3.  Android out of store APK (Standalone, Amazon etc)

    1. Select Android out of store APK.

    2. Enter the Android Package name of the app you want to add.
    3. Enter the Channel Name, such as Amazon.
    4. Add the App URL.

For details of tracking installs for out-of-store apps, click here.  

Security Message

If you are presented with the following warning, the app you are trying to add already exists in a different account in the AppsFlyer platform.  In such a situation, you should contact the app owner to be authorized to transfer the app to your account.  If you do not know who the app owner is, contact your CSM or AppsFlyer Support.


Setting the Timezone and Currency

The default Time Zone is set to UTC.  To change the options, go to App Settings and select the required preference from the drop-down lists.


NOTE: Currency is set when you add a new app.  You can only set it once when you activate your account.  It cannot be changed afterwards.  Changing the Time Zone can be performed after the app has been added by following the instructions here.

Once you have entered the required information, click on Save.

Your app is then added to the list of apps.

NOTE:  This feature is only enabled for account owners.

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