PBA brand bundles and settings

At a glance: Brand bundles consolidate the attribution, event, visits, and revenue of brand-related apps and websites. Use the brand bundle settings page to mark conversion events, integrate with Google Ads, and more. 


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About brand bundles

Brands often operate in an ecosystem encompassing both web and mobile apps. As an advertiser, a full picture of brand performance across platforms—web and mobile is needed. In PBA, brand bundles consolidate the data of mobile and web assets into a single entity having analytics and raw-data.

Brand bundle principles 

  • Brand bundles consist of 1 or more of the following entity types:
    • Web site: One or more websites belonging to the brand
    • iOS app: one app 
    • Android app: one app
  • An app can belong to 1 bundle
  • Apps can't be moved from one bundle to a different bundle without deleting the current bundle. On deletion, we stop attributing data, and access to historical data is no longer possible.

Managing brand bundles

  1. Go to ConfigurationBrand bundles or Go to My Apps  > View brand bandles
  2. In the brand bundles page, select one of the following. 
    Option Details
    Add a brand bundle Procedure
    PBA dashboard Opens the brand dashboard.
    Brand bundle ID To copy the brand bundle ID.
    Web dev key  To get the web dev key.
    Select an existing bundle to update brand bundle settings and options

Add brand bundle

  1. Click Add brand bundle.
  2. Complete the fields:
    • Brand bundle name.
    • Enter your primary domain.
      • This is the website domain where the web SDK is implemented. 
      • The domain is used to prevent self-attribution—that is, events can't be attributed to it.
      • Example: abc.com. Don't enter URL prefixes like HTTP and   www, or use special characters (/ ? * etc.)
    • Select iOS app.
    • Select Android app.
  3. Click Create.

Web event settings

There are two types of web event, standard or conversion. To focus and prioritize your optimization efforts, set some events as conversion events.

  • PBA dashboards include conversion events only.
  • PBA attributes standard and conversion events in the same way.
  • Raw data reports include both standard and conversion events.
  • An event type can be changed at any time; the change isn't retroactive. 
  • [Admin only] Access to event type settings. 

To set conversion events:

  1. Go to ConfigurationBrand bundles.
  2. Select the brand bundle.
    The Update brand bundle window opens. The following display:
    • The number of events that took place up to yesterday.
    • If no events are shown, wait 24 hours or check that the events are sent. Troubleshoot the Web SDK.
  3. As required, enable Mark as conversion event.
  4. Click Update bundle.


Answering your questions

Can team members access the brand bundles page?

  • No. Only the account admin has access. 

How many apps can I include in a bundle?

  • 1 iOS app and 1 Android app.
  • Web apps are not limited since the web SDK can be implemented as needed. 

Can I include the same app in more than one bundle?

No. Once an app is added to a bundle, it can't be added to another bundle.

Can I add/remove apps after creating a bundle?

  • No. Once a bundle is created, the apps associated with it cannot change.
  • Why?
    • Because each app has its own data and AppsFlyer uses this data to analyze the user journey across platforms (web and app).
    • If an app changed, this would involve a different set of data that is not compatible with the previous data.

How do I add/remove/delete apps? 

  • To change the app's bundle, create a different bundle that contains the required apps.

What happens if I delete a bundle?

  • AppsFlyer stops attributing the bundle.
  • The bundle data is retained (means it is not permanently deleted) but the bundle itself can't be restored (in order to view the data).

A new bundle uses a different web dev key so, even if it includes the same apps, the original bundle is not restored.

I want to create a bundle, but can't add some apps.

  • Team member: It depends on your team member permissions. Permissions are set by the admin.
  • Admin: If you can't select apps when creating bundles, add the app to the account.

Some bundles are missing

If a team member doesn't have permission to access an app then the bundle doesn't display. 

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