Creating Brand Bundles


Brands often operate in an ecosystem encompassing both web and mobile apps. As an advertiser, you need to get a full picture of the brand's performance across web and mobile platforms.

Brand Bundles consolidate the attribution, activity, and revenue data of brand-related apps, web and mobile alike.

There is no need to gather and analyze the brand's performance data separately for web and mobile apps -  Brand Bundles do it.  


Your company manages a service that allows people to book flights and accommodation. Your service runs under a brand having both a website and mobile apps.

By using UseBrand Bundles, you eliminate data fragmentation that is often the result of having multiple platforms. This enables you to:

  • see if your website performs better than your mobile apps or the other way around
  • highlight user journeys and funnel to see if your website leads to app installs
  • compare app performance enabling you to analyze the data to see how app marketing efforts for can be optimized.
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