Creating Brand Bundles


Many brands today operate in an ecosystem that encompasses both web and mobile apps. As an advertiser, you want to get a full picture of your brand's performance for both web and mobile platforms.

AppsFlyer allows you to do this with Brand Bundles. Brand Bundles consolidate the attribution, activity, and revenue data of brand-related apps, web and mobile alike.

You don't have to gather and analyze data the brand's performance separately for web and mobile apps that's what brand bundles does. 


Your company manages a service that allows people to book flights and accommodation. Your service runs under a brand that has both a website and mobile apps.

Using Brand Bundles, you eliminate the fragmentation that is often the case in marketing analysis of having multiple platforms.

  • You can see if your website performs better than your mobile apps or the other way around.
  • You can highlight user journey and funnel to see if your website leads to app installs.
  • If an app performs worse than other apps, you can analyze the data to see how your marketing for that app can be improved.
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