Applovin MAX ad revenue configuration

At a glance: Applovin MAX, an AppsFlyer integrated partner, provides app owners with ad revenue-generating solutions.

Setting up Applovin MAX integration

Advertisers set up Applovin MAX using the Dashboard.

To access Applovin MAX settings:

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrated partners.
  2. Search for and select Applovin MAX.
  3. Update settings (per tab) as required. See the following section.

Setting tabs

Update setting tab content as required: Ad revenue.

Ad revenue

Before you start:

Contact Applovin MAX to get these credentials:

  • Report Key

To enable user-level ad revenue attribution with Applovin MAX:

  1. Go to the Ad Revenue tab.
  2. Enable Get Ad Revenue Data.
  3. Complete the credential fields.
  4. Select the type of ad revenue data you want to receive: Attributed revenue and/or Aggregated monetization revenue:
    • Attributed Revenue: Revenue based on the user acquisition source.
    • Aggregated monetization revenue: Revenue based on the ad source.
  5. Click Save Ad Revenue.
  6. Click Test connection
  7. Do one of the following:
    1. If the message API connection verified displays, you have successfully completed the procedure. AppsFlyer collects the data from the partner once a day.
    2. If any other message displays, take corrective action in accordance with the status message.

Best practice

If you monetize with Facebook and are using Applovin Max, we recommend that you not have a direct Facebook ad revenue integration with AppsFlyer. This way, you receive user-level data. If you have a direct Facebook ad revenue integration, data is aggregate-level.

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