Applovin MAX ad revenue configuration

At a glance: Applovin MAX, an AppsFlyer ad network integrated partner, provides app owners with ad revenue-generating solutions. 

Setting up Applovin MAX integration


Advertisers set up Applovin MAX using the Dashboard.

To access Applovin MAX settings:

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrated partners
  2. Search for and select Applovin MAX.
  3. Update settings (per tab) as required. See the following section.  

Setting tabs

Update setting tab content as required: Ad revenue.

Ad revenue

Before you start:

Contact Applovin MAX to get these credentials:

  • Report Key

To enable user-level ad revenue attribution with Applovin MAX:

  1. Go to the Ad Revenue tab.
  2. Enable Get Ad Revenue Data.
  3. Complete the credential fields.
  4. Click Save Ad Revenue.
  5. Click Test connection
  6. Do one of the following:
    1. If the message API connection verified displays, you have successfully completed the procedure. AppsFlyer collects the data from the partner once a day.
    2. If any other message displays, take corrective action in accordance with the status message.

Limitations and discrepancies


  • User-level revenue discrepancies:
    • There may be discrepancies between the revenue reported by API to AppsFlyer and the revenue that displays in the MAX dashboard. The missing revenue is from Facebook in-app bid revenue. 
    • If all your Facebook revenue, mediated from MAX is mediated through in-app bidding, enable the Facebook Ad Revenue API to account for this revenue. 
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