AppsFlyer's Audiences tool was designed to enable advertisers to easily segment and create groups of mobile users, organic and non-organic, directly from within the AppsFlyer platform. Audiences can be shared with integrated partners, primarily for the purpose of running personalized re-targeting campaigns and to power ‘lookalike’ targeting campaigns and exclusion lists.

Audiences can be found under Labs in the AppsFlyer dashboard left-hand toolbar:


Creating Audiences

To create an audience, follow these steps:

1.  Click Add Audience from the Audiences panel.


2.  Add a value to the Audience Name field - this is mandatory:


3.  Select the app for the audience user base:


Filter Users: You can construct audiences using Install/Uninstall events, App Launches, In-app events, Geo, App and OS versions.


  • The available duration values in which Installed, Uninstalled, Launched and Did Not Launch can be defined are the last 1,2,7,14,30 or 60 Days (eg. launched in the last 30 days)
  • Did Event and Did Not Do Event allows you to select an in-app event and criteria of "at least", "exactly" or "at most" number of in the last 1,2,7,14,30 or 60 days (eg. did af_purchase at least 3 times in the last 7 days)
  • Country criteria options are Is or Is Not from a list of predefined countries
  • App version and OS version options are Is or Is Not from a list of values from the app data

4.  If additional criteria are required, step 3 can be repeated multiple times. All conditions must be met (AND) for a user to be included in the created audience.

NOTE: Segmentation where at least one of the conditions must be met (OR) is not yet supported.

5.  Audience Builder provides an estimate of the audience size.


6.  When completed, click Save Audience and Proceed

Audience Use Case Examples

1.  Re-Target users that abandoned cart:
did event af_add_to_cart at least 1 times in last 7 days
did not do event af_purchase at least 1 times in last 7 days

2.  Build lookalike audience for valuable users:
did event af_ad_monetized at least 10 times in last 60 days

3.  Bring back long churned users:
launched the app in last 30 days
did not launch the app in last 14 days

4.  Create an exclusion audience list containing users with latest app version to target the rest of the users to upgrade:
App version is 7.11

Connecting and Uploading Audiences To Partners

1.  To automatically upload audiences to integrated partners, you must first establish a connection with the partner. To do so, click the partner that you want to connect:


  • For details on the Audiences integration with the various networks click here
  • The list of partners above is not finalized, some connections are not yet available and more will be added in the future. Currently the fully supported networks are: Facebook, inmobi, IronSource, TapJoy, Slack, Amazon S3 and Yahoo Gemini.
  • Clients only see the available partners

2.  Follow the specific instructions (Log in / Enter credentials) for each of the partners in the promoted configuration screen.
NOTE:   You only need to establish a connection to a partner once. The connection remains established for future audiences.

3.  Once the connection with a partner is established, select all the audiences you wish to connect with the partner and save. 

*Note: you will need to repeat this step (3) for every new audience you create

4.  Click Close.

Audiences Panel

From this screen, you are able to take the following actions:


1.  Search for existing audiences:


2.  Add new audiences:


3.  Manually upload an existing audience to a partner.

4.  Download the audience in a CSV file.

5.  Delete an audience (and stop uploading it to partners).

6.  Edit existing audiences by clicking the Audience Name.

In this screen, you can also view information such as:

  • Audience Size
  • Uploaded To Partners
  • Last Upload Time

Important Information

1.  The Audience user base updates regularly every morning and does not contain data from the current day.

2.  Once the process above is completed, audiences are automatically uploaded to connected partners (every ~24 hours).

3.  Once you have uploaded an audience to a partner, the existing Device IDs are deleted in the Audiences tool (so that the list is updated).

Known Limitations

  • At least one positive condition is required to create the base audience, which can be reduced by further negative conditions (eg. ‘installed the app’ AND ’did not do af_purchase event’). 
  • Segmentation whereby at least one of the conditions must be met (OR) is currently not supported.
  • Windows Phone is not supported.
  • Audiences cannot be modified (they must be deleted and created with new criteria).
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