How to Configure a Campaign with Sina Weibo Ads


As of late May 2018 AppsFlyer's integrated partners user interface and accompanying documentation are being gradually updated. For details about the new user interface please visit the Integrated Partners Setup guide.

If you want to promote your Android Apps with Sina Weibo Ads, you are required to send the IMEI to AppsFlyer SDK according to the explanation in AppsFlyer SDK Integration - Android. Google Play service is blocked in China, IMEI is the most popular android Device ID for ad tracking.

Configuring a Campaign with Weibo Ads

To configure a campaign with Weibo Ads, follow the steps below:

1.  Acquire AppsFlyer Tracking Link

Once you have registered your app with AppsFlyer, you must set up up a campaign in the dashboard.

To do this, click the app that you want to advertise or select Overview from the drop-down menu:

Click Integrated Partners on the left side of the screen:


In the Integrated Partners page, select Sina Weibo Ads as the media source:

Click the Sina Weibo Ads logo to open the Configuration window:

Copy the tracking link to use in Sina Weibo ad campaigns.

Setting AppsFlyer's Tracking on the Weibo Ads Dashboard

Login to Sina Weibo Ads, using this link:

Go to the Tools page to upload your apps in the Apps Management section:

Click to add new apps:

Android: Enter the APK download page(end with .apk) or upload the APK document.

iOS: Enter the iTunes link.

Setting the Tracking Link

Go to the Promotions page and Create New Ad Series

If you want to acquire new users for your app, select Increase App Installs ad type, as shown below:

Setup Ad Series

Select the app you want to promote:

Set the audience features, budget and promotion periods:

Uploading Ad Creatives and Set the Tracking Link

Weibo provides four ad formats to promote App installs:

  • Weibo Post
  • Big Cards
  • App Card
  • App 9 Pics

All of the ad formats support AppsFlyer Tracking.

Enter the AppsFlyer Tracking Link



 Complete any additional settings and publish the ad.


1.You can preview the Ad Format in the upper right part at Ad Creative Setting Page. 2 If you are not using deep linking in the ad campaign, leave the deep link box empty.

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