Account plans, billing, and payments

At a glance: Use the My plan and Payments pages to easily access plan details, invoices, and billing information.


To see and compare between the Zero, Growth, and Enterprise plans, check out AppsFlyer plan details and comparisons

Access My plan and Payments 

On the My plan page, review the details of your existing plan or upgrade to a new one. 

On the Payments page, check your billing details, review invoice-related information, or download invoices.  

To access My plan and Payments:

Access: Only an account admin or users with appropriate permissions can access the My plan and Payment pages.

  1. In the header bar, click on the email address dropdown.
  2. Select My plan or Payments.


Account status

Your account status appears in a label at the top right of the My plan and Payments pages. 

Account status Description Comments


Account has an active plan

Accounts with Welcome and Zero plans don't require a payment method.


Accounts with Growth and Enterprise plans have a valid and current payment method.

Pending suspension

Account has 1 overdue invoice

Regain Active status by making invoice payments.


Account has 2 or more overdue invoices

Begin the process of reactivating an account by making invoice payments.

Plans and payments

Start with Welcome, then move to Zero, upgrade to Growth, or advance to an Enterprise plan.

My plan

Access My plan to: 

  • See current plan details and, if relevant, the name of your next plan.
  • Review the current plan's included features and premium add-ons.
  • Select or upgrade your plan.
  • Request a quote for premium add-on features. 


The 30-day free trial option ends on July 7, 2020; it was replaced by the Welcome plan. Advertisers who are currently in a trial period can choose to move to a Zero, Growth, or Enterprise plan.

New account Current account

Every new account begins as a Welcome plan. then you can progress to other AppsFlyer plans: Zero, Growth, or Enterprise. 

Welcome Advertiser Includes
Get started! No payment details required
  • 12,000 (12K) free measured conversions
  • 30-days of select premium add-ons
  • List of included features
  • So, you'll remain with the Welcome plan until there are no remaining free conversions (from the 12K conversions), then you automatically move to the Zero plan. Once in the Zero plan, all attribution-related measurements stop, but clicks and impressions continue.
  • OR, don't wait, and upgrade to a Growth or Enterprise (custom) plan. If there are remaining free conversions (from the 12K), they are transferred to the new plan. 
  • After 30-days of free use of select premium features, you can contact Sales for a quote (via your My plan page) so you can keep on benefiting from them.

Plan details

View current plan details, features, add-ons, and if relevant, the name of your next plan. 


My plan Description
  • Current plan name
  • Last data update (UTC)
Plan details

Includes the start date as well as monthly information. For example,

  • Units/conversions (cost of extra units)
  • Number of apps in the account
  • Monthly active users (MAU)
  • Number of measured:
    • Clicks
    • Impressions
    • Organic installs
Included features
  • Feature list per plan

Premium add-ons

  • List of all add-ons enabled for the account
  • Start/end dates
  • Examples: Protect360, Audiences, Data Locker, Live alerts


The Payments page is available after a payment plan is selected on the My plan page.

Access Payments to:

  • Review and update company billing details and contact information.
  • Check invoice details, payment status, and download invoices (PDF).
  • Update payment method for Growth and custom Enterprise plans: Wire transfer, credit card payment, PayPal, or similar.

Invoices tab

Monthly invoices are issued in the first week of every month. Click View to see the PDF of an invoice.


Invoices tab Description
Payment method

Set when you choose a Growth or custom Enterprise plan. 

  • Invoice payments:
    • Manual payment: Customer needs to perform a wire transfer
    • Automatic payment: Customer provides credit card details
      Exception: Credit card is set to Do not charge due to prepayment plan, existing credit, payment by wire transfer, open issue, or related.
  • Indicates payment issues:
    • Credit card: expired, invalid, and/or insufficient funds
    • Wire transfer: payment wasn't sent
  • Update payment method is a 2-step process to change from wire transfers to credit card payments
  • Have a question? Contact
Table: Unpaid
  • Invoice: Invoice reference number
  • Amount: Invoice amount; currency type is set at sign up (along with payment details)
  • Issued: Invoice date of issue; this occurs in the first week of every month (for Growth and custom Enterprise plans)
  • Due: Last date for invoice payment
  • Status: Paid, Due, or Overdue
  • PDF: Click View to open an invoice in PDF format
Overdue invoices:
Easy payment method

Easily pay overdue invoices by credit card, regardless of your regular payment method.

  • Credit card details are not saved
  • Relevant for accounts with the status: Active and Pending suspension
    • Pay now speeds up your account reactivation!
    • Currently, this is a manual process handled by Accounting. In the future, the process will be automated.
  • How does it work?
    1. In the header bar, click the email dropdown > Payments.
    2. On the Invoices tab, select 1 or more unpaid invoices.
    3. Click Pay by credit card > Enter card details > Click Submit payment.
    4. View your payment confirmation > Click Done to return to the Invoices tab. If a payment fails, just review the error message under the Status column and act accordingly.
 Table: Paid
  • Invoice: Invoice reference number
  • Amount: Invoice amount; currency type is set at sign up (along with payment details)
  • Issued: Invoice date of issue; this occurs in the first week of every month (for Growth and custom Enterprise plans)
  • Due: Last date for invoice payment
  • Paid: Date invoice was paid
  • PDF: Click View to open an invoice in PDF format.

Billing details tab

When you choose a Growth or custom Enterprise plan, you'll provide company billing information; however, billing and contact details can be updated by an admin user at any time. 

  • Company billing details and at least one billing contact are required to generate an invoice.
  • Billing details are not saved if there is missing or invalid information. For example,
    • If company tax number is required by your country, it must be entered in the correct format.
    • Postal code (ZIP code) must match the selected location.


If you change the company name or address, then AppsFlyer legal terms appear and must be accepted. If there are any issues, contact

To update Company billing details:

  1. Enter the company billing name and address changes > Save
  2. Read the legal terms and accept them by marking the checkbox > Submit.
  3. A popup message indicates if the changes were saved successfully. 

To update or add a Billing contact:

  1. Make changes to a current contact or add a new one > Save.
    There must be at least one billing contact.
  2. A popup message indicates if the changes were saved successfully. 

Company billing and contact details


Excerpt from legal terms


Billing details tab Description
Company billing details
  • Company billing name is auto-filled based on the sign-up form
  • Company tax number: see the following tab for details
  • Company invoice name (in English) appears on the invoice
  • Currency: USD, ILS, EUR, or GBP 
  • Street address is auto-filled based on the sign-up form:
    • Street address
    • City (in English)
    • Postal code: Must match the selected location
    • Country: Select from the list
  • If relevant, add a state, province, or territory
  • If necessary, update billing details within the platform or contact
Billing contact
  • There must be at least one contact person; they don't need to be an admin user:
    • Enter the name in English
    • Provide email and phone number
    • Details can be updated or more contacts added
  • Acts as a focal point:
    • To receive invoices
    • For communications regarding any payment issues

Company tax number

Certain countries require us to record your company tax number and add VAT to your invoices. If your company is in one of these countries, you will not be able to save your billing details without providing a company tax number in that country's correct format.

This requirement applies to the countries listed in the table below. Visit the link provided for your country if you need additional information about the company tax number format and other tax-related requirements.

Countries requiring company tax number

Country For additional information
Canada GST/HST program account number
EU countries VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)
Israel Israeli VAT registration

Upgrade, downgrade, or delete an account

To upgrade your AppsFlyer account:

  • Click your email address dropdown > Select My plan > Click Request an upgrade.
  • Send an email to and a Customer Engagement Manager (CEM) will be in touch.
  • If relevant, contact your dedicated customer service manager (CSM).

To downgrade or delete your AppsFlyer account: