Finance: Account plan, billing, and payments

At a glance: The My plan and Payments pages give Advertiser account holders easy access to plan/package details, as well as invoice and billing information.  

Accessing My plan and Payments

My plan lets you choose your first plan or review the details of an existing plan.

Payments presents invoice-related information, downloadable invoices, and billing details. Payments is accessed by the account admin, as well as team members with permissions. 

To access My plan and Payments:

  1. Click the email address (with drop-down arrow) located at the right side of the header bar.
  2. Select My plan or Payments


Account status

Your account status appears in a label at the top right of the My plan and Payments pages. 

Account status Description Comments

Trial period
(x days left)

All accounts begin as a 30-day trial. This status label shows the number of days remaining in a trial.

If a plan is bought during the 30-day trial, then the new plan only starts at end of the trial period.


Occurs if a new plan is not selected by the end of the 30-day trial.

To unblock, select a plan and provide a payment method.


Customer has an active plan.

Payment method is valid and current.

Pending suspension

Set if an account has one overdue invoice. 

Regain Active status by making invoice payments (wire transfer or credit card).


Set if an account has two or more overdue invoices.

Begin the manual process of reactivating an account by making invoice payments (wire transfer or credit card). 

My plan

Access My plan to: 

  • Select your first plan. Plans are normally for a one-year period.
  • View current plan details, including features and add-ons (premium features), as well as previous and future plans.
  • Request a plan upgrade.  
New customer Existing customer

Every new account begins as a 30-day free trial. During the trial period, plan options show on the My plan page: Starter, Basic, and Custom.

Choose your first plan and activate it by providing billing and payment information. Your new plan only begins after the free 30-day trial period. 


To avoid losing access, select a plan before your trial ends. For more information, review these links:


The Payments page is available once a payment plan is selected via the My plan page.

Access Payments to:

  • View invoice details, status, and invoice copies (PDF).
  • Update the payment method:
    • For Basic and Custom Pay-per-use (PPU) plans.
    • From wire transfer to credit card with a simple 2-step process.
  • Review and update company billing details and contact information.

Invoices tab

Monthly invoices are issued in the first week of every month. View invoices by clicking on a View link.


Invoices tab Description
Invoice details
  • Invoices are issued in the first week of every month.
  • Invoice no.
  • Amount: currency type is provided at sign up (along with payment details).
  • Status: paid, due (date), or overdue (date)
  • Reason for overdue status:
    • Credit card: expired, invalid, and/or insufficient funds
    • Wire transfer: payment was not sent
  • View link opens an invoice PDF
Payment method
  • Invoices page shows the current payment method: wire transfer or credit card.
  • Invoice payment:
    • Automatic if credit card details are provided.
    • Exception: credit card is set to Do not charge due to  prepayment plan, existing credit, payment by wire transfer, open issue, or related.
    • Wire transfers require action on the part of the customer.
  • Update payment method is only used to change from wire transfers to credit card payments.

Billing details tab

Company billing information is provided when you choose your first plan.

  • Company billing details are required to generate an invoice.
  • Billing details are not saved if there is missing or invalid information. For example, postal code and tax VAT numbers must match those used in your country.
  • In most cases, to change billing information, contact

Click Save if changes are made to Company billing details and/or Billing contact information.


Billing details tab Description
Company billing details
  • Billing name (in any language) is auto-filled per your sign-up form.
  • Company tax ID (VAT number):
    • Validated field: requires your country-specific format.
    • Required for tax calculations.
  • Display name (in English) appears on the invoice.
  • Currency: USD, ILS, EUR, or GBP 
  • Address information is auto-filled per your sign-up form:
    • Street address (in English or local language)
    • City (in English)
    • Postal code: enter the format used in your country 
    • Country: select from the list
  • If relevant, add a state or territory.
  • To update billing details, contact
Contact information
  • There must be at least one contact person:
    • Enter the name in English.
    • Not necessary to be an Admin.
    • Details can be updated or more contacts added.
  • Focal point:
    • To receive invoices.
    • For communications regarding any payment issues.
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