Retargeting attribution guide

At a glance: Retargeting (remarketing) campaigns motivate users to open and re-engage with the app or cause users who deleted the app to reinstall it.

Retargeting fundamentals

Retargeting attribution occurs when a user engages with a retargeting campaign by clicking on a retargeting attribution link or deep link. This results in one of the following attribution events:

  • Re-engagement: If the app is on the device, the media source motivating the user to open the app is credited with a re-engagement.

  • Re-attribution (AKA retargeting reinstall): If the app is not on the user device (meaning the user uninstalled the app), then engaging with the retargeting campaign causes the user to reinstall and open the app. If this happens during a re-attribution window: the retargeting media source is credited with the re-attribution. Related reading: Reinstalls.


Before running retargeting campaigns, review the re-engagement rules and example cases in the sections that follow, then set up retargeting as described in the retargeting procedures section. For ease of understanding, you should be familiar with the AppsFlyer attribution model and the associated attribution windows.

Retargeting operations

Additional information

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