How to Configure a Campaign with Snapchat


As of late May 2018 AppsFlyer's integrated partners user interface and accompanying documentation are being gradually updated. For details about the new user interface please visit the Integrated Partners Setup guide.


Snapchat is a Self-Reporting Network (SRN), so unlike most of the media sources, you can't track mobile installs from it using any tracking links. Instead, AppsFlyer's deep integration with Snapchat delivers all your mobile attribution data from Snapchat, once the quick setup is completed.

The following article describes how to set up attribution tracking with Snapchat for advertisers and for their agencies.

Setting Up Snapchat for Advertisers

To configure a campaign with Snapchat, follow the steps below:

1. Click Integrated Partners on the left side of the screen


2. In the Integrated Partners page, select Snapchat as the media source. You can do this by either scrolling down the page to Snapchat or entering Snapchat in the search box. 

3. Click the Snapchat logo to open the Snapchat Configuration window.


4. To enable attribution to Snapchat you must accept Snapchat's Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions is an agreement between Snapchat and the advertiser.


5. Set the time frame of the Click Attribution Lookback Window according to your agreement with Snapchat. The default value on Snapchat is 28 days.

6. Select Enable on the Snapchat Configuration window to activate the Snapchat integration.

7. Select Enable View-Through Attribution to activate the measurement of impressions and to configure the view-through lookback window.


8. AppsFlyer attributes installs to Snapchat based on both clicks and view through. Both are set up as default.

Configuring In-App Events with Snapchat

1. Select the In-App Events tab from the Snapchat configuration window.

2. Choose to send either  Only Snapchat attributed installs’ in-app events or All in app events.


3. Click +Click to add in app event mapping and map the events you want to send Snapchat and select Send value.

4.  In the Snapchat Event Tag field, enter the string (without spaces or special characters) that are validated in Snaphcat to trigger the relevant conversion tag. 


5.  Click Save & Close.

Configuring Permissions with Snapchat

1. Select the Permissions tab from the Snapchat configuration window.


2.  Toggle the permissions you want to configure.

3.  Click Save & Close

Configuring Cost with Snapchat

1.  Click the Cost tab to configure the cost with Snapchat.

2.  Select Enable Cost to activate cost integration.

3.  Click Connect which directs you to the Snapchat login page:


4.  Login with your snapchat user name and password.

5.  Return to the AppsFlyer dashboard and click Save & Close.


1. When setting up your campaign, ensure your campaign is per-platform - either iOS or Android - not both, otherwise you see the cost of both platforms.
2. Cost for Agencies is currently unavailable.

Setting Up Snapchat for Agencies

Agency Snapchat tracking setup is similar to that of the advertiser.

To complete the setup, two steps are required:

1. The advertiser client MUST select Enable Attribution from the advertiser's dashboard.

2. On the agency's dashboard, on the Snapchat configuration page, the Snapchat account ID text area is enabled as seen below. Agencies can enter up to 10 different Snapchat account IDs in the text area. All consequent attribution data coming from those accounts is visible only under the agency's dashboard afterwards.  


Snapchat account IDs MUST NOT be shared between the advertiser or the agency. If they are shared then ALL the advertiser's installs are automatically attributed on the agency's dashboard.

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