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Snapchat, one of AppsFlyer's integrated partners, is a Self-Reporting Network (SRN), so unlike most of the media sources, you can't track mobile installs from it using any tracking links. Instead, AppsFlyer's deep integration with Snapchat delivers all your mobile attribution data from Snapchat, once the quick setup is completed.

In addition to click-based mobile attribution, Snapchat also offers cost and view-through attribution, which you can track with AppsFlyer.

To configure your campaigns with Snapchat, follow the steps below.

Setting Up Snapchat

Go to the dashboard of your app and click on Integrated Partners on the left bar.


Enter "Snapchat" in the search field and click on its logo to open the Snapchat configuration window.

Accept the Terms and Conditions for Mobile App Conversion Tracking and click Accept.



The Snapchat configuration window includes 3 active tabs: Integration, Cost, and Permissions. Click on the items below to read about the tabs setup.

For a detailed description of the Partner Configuration Window Header, click here.


  • The General Settings step in the Integration tab is mandatory for all partners
  • All the rest of the steps are either descriptive or optional

Integration Tab

The Integration Tab is divided into different sections as described below.

General Settings

Enable Attribution

Toggle this to ON if you want to enable attribution to Snapchat.


Click-Through Attribution

This slider allows you to set the maximum time from click to install. Only installs (first launches) that take place within the lookback window may be attributed to Snapchat.

More details about the click lookback window here.


View-Through Attribution Lookback Window

This slider allows you to set the maximum time from impression to install. Only installs (first launches) that take place within this lookback window, following an ad impression, are attributed to Snapchat, providing there was no other relevant ad click.

You can customize this value to 1-23 hours or 1-7 days.

More details about the view-through attribution here.



In-App Events Settings

In this section you can map your AppsFlyer events with Snapchat via postbacks.

  1. Toggle In-App Event Postbacks to ON


    When enabling the Snapchat in-app events mapping for an app for the first time, all the af_XXX events from the SDK are automatically mapped to Snapchat's pre-defined event list. This automatic mapping saves you time and decreases mapping mistakes significantly.

  2. Select the Sending Option for all SDK defined events.
    - Only events attributed to this partner for events coming only from users attributed to this partner
    - Events attributed to any partner or organic to have your entire user base available to be reported to the partner
  3. Click Add Event to add an SDK Event to the list
  4. Complete the following parameters:
Parameter Name Description
SDK Event Name The name of the event, as received by AppsFlyer either from the SDK integrated in your app, or from server to server events.
Tip - If you don't see the event you want in the list, make sure to activate the event on a device with a non-organic installation and recheck.
Partner Event Identifier The unique name or ID of each event as defined on Snapchat's side.
Obtain the corresponding Event ID from Snapchat and set in the text field.
Send Revenue When unchecked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters of the rich in-app event to the partner, except for the revenue parameter, which is contained in the af_revenue parameter.
When checked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters including the revenue value (if it exists in the event).

Tracking Link Tab

Tracking Links are not available for Snapchat.


For all SRNs, such as Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Adwords, Snapchat etc. this tab is not functional, as they do not use external tracking links.

Cost Tab

  1. Click the Cost tab to configure the cost with Snapchat.


  2. Click Snapchat Cost to activate cost integration.
  3. The Snapchat login window opens:
  4. Login with your snapchat user name and password.
  5. Return to the AppsFlyer dashboard and click Save.


  • To avoid discrepancies in cost data, set the same timezone in both app settings and your Snapchat advertising account.
  • When setting up your campaign, ensure your campaign is per-platform - either iOS or Android - not both, otherwise you see the cost of both platforms.

Ad Revenue Tab

Ad Revenue is not supported in the integration with this partner.

Permissions Tab

In this tab, you can select the permissions to grant Snapchat, whether the partner acts as an ad network, agency or even both. Note that even if attribution is disabled for Snapchat, the permissions tab is active and you can grant control to Snapchat.


Use these toggles to give the ad network permissions to handle its own configuration for your app:

Ad Network Permissions

  • Allow to configure integration - permit the partner to setup the integration tab (except in-app event postbacks)
  • Allow to configure in-app event postbacks - permit the partner to setup in-app event postbacks mapping to itself on the integration tab
  • Allow access to your retention report - only to the partner's own retention data
  • Allow access to your Protect360 dashboard - only to the partner's own Protect360 data, and providing the feature is enabled for the advertiser

Learn more about granting ad network permissions.

Retargeting and Deep Linking with Snapchat

Although the retargeting integration between Snapchat and AppsFlyer is still in the works, it is quite easy to start tracking retargeting campaigns on Snapchat. The solution is based on using a native deep link in Snapchat's platform, while adding AppsFlyer parameters to it. Follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you have enabled deep linking for retargeting to work on Snapchat
  2. Make sure retargeting is enabled in AppsFlyer
  3. Take the app's deep link scheme URI and add at least the following parameters:
  • PID - The media source in this case is always snapchat_int. This enables all data to appear in the AppsFlyer dashboard under the Snapchat_int media source.
  • C - the relevant campaign name
  • is_retargeting=true - this field defines the campaign as a retargeting campaigns. The engagements of existing users with the retargeting campaign, are marked as re-engagements due to the existence of this field in the URI. This ensures the user's data appear in the retargeting dashboard.

 URI Example


How to Setup Deep Links on Snap platform?

  • Go to "Drive traffic to app" opportunity type
  • Add the deep link URI in at Ad Creation level, screenshot below:

Setting Up Snapchat for Agencies

Agency Snapchat tracking setup is similar to that of the advertiser.

To complete the setup, two steps are required:

  1. The advertiser client MUST select Enable Attribution from the advertiser's dashboard:

  2. On the agency's dashboard, on the Snapchat configuration page, the Snapchat account ID text area is enabled as seen below. Agencies can enter up to 50 different Snapchat account IDs in the text area. All consequent attribution data coming from those accounts is visible only under the agency's dashboard afterwards.


Snapchat account IDs MUST NOT be shared between the advertiser or the agency. If they are shared then ALL the advertiser's installs are automatically attributed on the agency's dashboard.

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