Apple Search Ads Configuration


Apple Search Ads is a way to promote apps within the App Store. Ads are shown based on relevancy of the search query.

Tracking Apple Search Ad Campaigns

To track Apple Search Ad campaigns, the iAd framework is mandatory.

To update Apple Search Ads, follow these steps:

1.  Click Integrated Partners on the left side of the window:

2.  Search for Apple Search Ads.

3.  Click on the Apple logo to open the configuration page.

4.  Select Enable Attribution

5.  Toggle Apple Search Ads Retargeting to ON if you want to attribute re-installs (re-attribution conversion).


The re-attribution conversions are displayed in the re-targeting dashboard.

Enabling this feature reduces discrepancies with the Apple Search Ads dashboard.

6.  Configure the required click lookback window that by default is setup to 30 days.

30 days is the lookback window of Apple Search Ads self-attribution.

7.  Click Save & Close.  

Configuring Cost

1.  Open the Cost tab and check the Enable Cost check box.

2. Add the PEM file and Key file that you retrieved from Apple Search Ads.

2.1 To retrieve the PEM file and Key file log in to Apple Search Ads and go the account settings in the top right hand corner.

2.2 Then press the API tab and click the Create API Certificate button.

2.3 Name your API certificate and check either the Account Read only or Account admin checkbox and press create.

2.4 Press Actions and Download certificate

2.5 The certificates will be downloaded in a .zip file that contains 2 separate files that you will need to extract and upload into your AppsFlyer dashboard as shown above.

2.6 Press the below highlighted icon to select PEM file that you downloaded from Apple.

2.7 Press the below highlighted icon to select KEY file that you downloaded from Apple.

2.8. Press the Upload button to upload the selected certificate PEM and KEY files.

2.9 Press Save & Close.


Cost data on Apple Search Ads is available on media source, campaign and ad set level.

Cost data is not available for agencies.


There could be several reasons for discrepancies between Apple Search Ads and AppsFlyer. To learn about these reasons please read the following article.

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