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Apple Search Ads, one of AppsFlyer's integrated partners, is a way to promote apps within the App Store. Ads are shown based on relevancy of the search query.

In addition to click-based mobile attribution, Apple Search Ads also offers cost and retargeting, which you can track with AppsFlyer.

To configure your campaigns with Apple Search Ads, follow the steps below.


To track Apple Search Ads your iOS MUST include the native frameworks iAd.framework and AdSupport.framework

Setting Up Apple Search Ads 

Go to the dashboard of your app and click on Integrated Partners on the left bar.


Enter "Apple Search Ads" in the search field and click on its logo to open the Apple Search Ads configuration window.

The Apple Search Ads configuration window includes 4 tabs: Integration, Tracking link, Data enrichment and Permissions. Click on the items below to read about the tabs setup. 

For a detailed description of the Partner Configuration Window Header, click here.

Integration Tab 

The Integration Tab is divided into different sections as described below. 

General Settings 

Toggle Apple Search Ads Retargeting to ON if you want to attribute re-installs (re-attribution conversion).



Currently Apple Search Ads retargeting only supports re-attributions and not re-engagements. You can see the re-attribution conversions displayed in the retargeting dashboard

Click-Through Attribution

This slider allows you to set the maximum time from click to install. Only installs (first launches) that take place within the lookback window may be attributed to Apple Search Ads.

Set the click-through attribution lookback window to any required value between 1 to 30 days.


AppsFlyer recommends configuring the click attribution lookback window to 30 days, to match with Apple Search Ads self-reporting window. This helps reducing discrepancies with the Apple Search Ads dashboard.

More details about the click lookback window here


Tracking Link Tab 

This tab is not applicable to Apple Search Ads.


For all SRNs, such as Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Adwords, Snapchat etc. this tab is not functional, as they do not use external tracking links.

Data Enrichment Tab

The data enrichment tab allows you to enrich your attribution data with the following 2 options, if supported by the partner:


Add the PEM file and Key file that you received from Apple Search Ads.

To retrieve the PEM file and Key file login to Apple Search Ads and go the account settings in the top right hand corner.

Click the API tab and click the Create API Certificate button.

Name your API certificate and check either the Account Read only or Account admin checkbox and click create.

Click Actions and Download certificate

The certificates are downloaded in a .zip file containing two separate files from which you extract and upload into your AppsFlyer dashboard as shown above.

Click the icon to select the PEM file that you downloaded from Apple.


Click the icon to select KEY file that you downloaded from Apple.


Click Upload to upload the selected certificate PEM and KEY files.


Click Save & Close.


Once you have performed the first Apple Search Ads admin login as described above, AppsFlyer receives Apple Search Ads cost data up to 30 days retroactively for existing campaigns. Previous cost data is not available.

Permissions Tab

Permissions are not available for Apple Search Ads.



Campaigns are aggregated by Geo. Apple reporting API does not return impressions, taps, or cost for geos with less than 100 impressions for a specific campaign. When grouping by Geo in AppsFlyer, Geos with unavailable data are not shown, and the total of unavailable data appears under N/A.

There could be several reasons for discrepancies between Apple Search Ads and AppsFlyer. To learn about these reasons, read this article.

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