Apple Search Ads Configuration

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Today, many mobile marketers consider adding Apple Search Ads to their mobile marketing growth portfolios. 

Apple Search Ads, one of AppsFlyer's integrated partners, is an easy and efficient way to assist users to find your app in the App Store. The relevance of your app to the search query determines whether your ad is the one displayed. User response to an ad is an important signal of the ad's relevance. If nobody clicks on the ad, Apple Search Ads stops showing it.

In addition to click-based mobile attribution, Apple Search Ads also offers cost and retargeting, which you can track with AppsFlyer.

To configure your campaigns with Apple Search Ads, follow the steps as described in the tabs.


To track Apple Search Ads your iOS app MUST include the native frameworks iAd.framework and AdSupport.framework.

To learn how to include these frameworks, see our iOS SDK Integration Guide.  

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