Self-Reporting Networks

  • Advertisers
  • Agencies


What is an SRN?

Self-reporting networks (SRNs), also known as self-attributing networks, such as Facebook, Google Ads or Twitter do not use tracking links of external companies. Instead, each network has its own methods and APIs that AppsFlyer uses to communicate new installs, in-app events etc.

Who are the SRNs?

The following is a list of SRNs currently integrated with AppsFlyer:

Self-Reporting Network Logo
Apple Search Ads Apple_Search_Ads_logo.png
DoubleClick DoubleClick_Logo.png 
Facebook facebook_logo.png 
Google Ads gads_logo.png 
Snapchat snapchat_logo.png
Twitter twitter_logo.png 
Yahoo Gemini Yahoo_Gemini_logo.png
Yahoo Japan Yahoo_Japan_logo.png
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