概览:用于发出API请求的AppsFlyer IP地址。



AppsFlyer API为广告主和合作伙伴提供归因和报告服务。这些服务包括:

  • 发送回传
  • 发送推送API信息
  • 上传受众

If you use network perimeter devices such as firewalls and proxy servers, you must ask your security team to allowlist AppsFlyer IP addresses as listed in this IP address list. The list:

  • Was last updated on October 4, 2021
  • Contains all the IP addresses that you must allowlist.

For ease of understanding, in relation to the most recent IP address list change, consider the following:

  • The following address blocks have been added to the list:
    • []
    • []
  • We will begin using these addresses starting November 15, 2021. If you have an allowlist rejecting traffic from unknown IPs outside the list, then before this date, you must update the allowlist tables of your network perimeter devices. Otherwise, the AppsFlyer Push API and postbacks traffic will be rejected.
  • In early 2022 we will deprecate legacy addresses that aren't part of these blocks. Until deprecation, you must list all addresses in the IP address list. Note! The address list file contains the addresses in the 2 blocks and an additional 84 legacy addresses that aren't part of the blocks. 

Pull API

Pull API isn't affected by the addresses listed in this article. However, verify that the * domain is allowlisted and isn't blocked in any way. 

AppsFlyer IP地址


如果您实施服务器到服务器(S2S) 信息,请允许列出来自AWS IP地址的传入信息,以便您能够接收端节点响应信息。