Getting started step-by-step

At a glance: Start attributing and measuring your mobile app campaign performance with AppsFlyer.



This article explains how to get started with AppsFlyer when you're an Advertiser.

Getting started for Agencies

Getting started for Ad networks

Follow these five simple steps:

  1. Sign-up for an AppsFlyer account or add team members to existing accounts.
    Shortly afterward you will receive an email with all the necessary information.
  2. Add your app to the AppsFlyer dashboard (and set its currency and time zone).
  3. Download and integrate the SDK: we have clear and friendly instructions for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Unity, and other Android platforms.
  4. Test the integration: you can test your SDK integration before or after your app is live in the store.
  5. Start attributing your media sources

That's all it takes! You now have installs, clicks, impressions, sessions, and more recorded for your mobile app by AppsFlyer!



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